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AVON Bears

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Brock and Sheldon

"Marchin' To The Beat Of Holiday Fun"

Booh Bear

"Halloween's A Boo-tiful thing"

AVON-PawsPatriotism.jpg (97966 bytes)

(picture for comparison)

Paws For Patriotism
AVON-Rocky.jpg (46687 bytes)

(picture for comparison)


"On The Road Of Life You're Beary Special"

AVON-Twirls.jpg (36625 bytes) AVON-Twirls12-3.jpg (42621 bytes) AVON-Twirls12-4.jpg (25202 bytes)

Pictures made by Jolanda van Assen

Teddie Twirls

One for each month

AVON-Pat.JPG (17552 bytes)


"Friendship Is More Then Just Luck"

AVON-Macie.JPG (36203 bytes) AVON-Angelina.jpg (39134 bytes) AVON-Jemma.jpg (39560 bytes) Macie - "The Wonders Of Friendship"

Angelina - "Nothings Holds A Candle To Our Friendship"

Jemma - "You Are My Shining Star"

AVON-Cora.jpg (13437 bytes) Cora

"You've Put A Spell On My Heart"

AVON-alexander.jpg (10589 bytes) Alexander

"Freedom Is Worth Fighting For"

AVON-sparklingheart.jpg (36259 bytes) Sparkling Hearts
SkatersWaltz2.jpg (32248 bytes) Skater Waltz
AVON-Twinkles1.jpg (11530 bytes)AVON-Twinkles2.jpg (12223 bytes)AVON-Twinkle-January.jpg (10884 bytes)

Little Twinkles

AVON-Leslie.jpg (33048 bytes)


"Friendship Pops Up Everywhere"

AVON-Gregory.jpg (18322 bytes)


"From Sea to Shining Sea You Are the One for Me!"

AVON-cloud.jpg (23137 bytes)

On A Cloud

One for each Month

AVON-Comparison2.jpg (13164 bytes)

A picture to compare their size

AVON-TomScarecrow.jpg (20877 bytes)

Tom Scarecrow

"Your Smile Is A Treat"

AVON-PaulaKatherine.jpg (17085 bytes)

click on the image to enlarge

Paula (left)

"Helping Others Is The Best Part Of My Job"

Katherine (right)

"You're The Best In The Business"


Green Bonnet = "Friends Are The Spice Of Life"

Blue Bonnet = "Love Is The Poetry Of The Soul"

Peach Bonnet = "Give Life A Hug"

Stacie next to one of the carousel figurine. This way you can compare the size.

Carousel Birthstone

Each month features a unique Cherished Teddies angel on a coordinating carousel horse with a faux birthstone for every month of the year. They will retail for $12.99 each and will be available in 4 campaigns beginning fall 2000.

AVONc-january.jpg (14383 bytes) AVONc-february.jpg (12687 bytes) AVONc-march.jpg (13399 bytes) AVONc-april.jpg (13388 bytes) AVONc-may.jpg (12646 bytes) AVONc-june.jpg (13626 bytes)

Just click on these pictures to enlarge them, use your browsers back button to go back.

 AVONc-july.jpg (14125 bytes) AVONc-august.jpg (13266 bytes) AVONc-september.jpg (14388 bytes) AVONc-october.jpg (13629 bytes) AVONc-november.jpg (12791 bytes) AVONc-december.jpg (13262 bytes)

AVON-Adelaide.jpg (7207 bytes)


"You're My Pumpkin Pal"

"Heaven Has Blessed This Day"

A Millennium Bear

AVON-Jerome.gif (11253 bytes)


"Can't Bear The Cold Without You"


"You Make Me Feel Beautiful Inside"


"Always Put Your Best Paw Forward"


"You're As Sweet As A Rose"

Candlelight holder

AVON-Margy.JPG (6259 bytes)


"I'm Wrapping Up A Little Holiday Joy To Send Your Way"

AVON-Sparkles.JPG (13430 bytes)

Little Sparkles, Exclusive to AVON 

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