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Across The Seas

This is a very beautiful series. They bring all the different countries together.

There are only six bears that come with their own passport and that are:

KATRIEN (Holland) - BOB (United States of America) - BAZZA (Australia)- PRESTON (Canada) - FRANZ (Germany) - WILLIAM (United Kingdom). To obtain the bears with passport, you have to purchase them in that particular country. E.g. buy Bob in the US and he has a passport, buy Bob in Holland and he doesn't have a passport. 


This is your pilot, Lance. "Come Fly With Me"

He's special because he's the 1998 National Event Figurine.

(If you want to use this picture of Lance, please ask for Kristi Francis' permission. Thank you)

You can click on some of the flags to get additional information about a certain country.

 All of the Across The Seas Cherished Teddies have been retired on August 7th, 1999

The Netherlands - Katrien


She represents Holland.

If you buy her in Holland, she comes with a Dutch passport.

According to this passport, she was born on the 4th of July in Berestad, Nederland. In English this is Beartown, Holland.

It says: "Net zo Hollands als de kaas."

Translation: "Just as Dutch as the cheese."

"Tulips Blossom With Friendship"

The United States of Amerika - Bob

He represents America.

He too comes with his own passport, but only if you buy him in America.

Bob was born on the 4th of July in Beary Beach, U.S.A.

His passport says:

"As American As Apple Pie"

"Our Friendship Is From Sea To Shining Sea"

Australia - Bazza



Bazza, the bear from Down Under.

He is the third of six that come with their own passport.

He's a real Dinky Di Aussi and he was born on the 26th of January in Bearville.

"I'm Lost Down Under Without You"

His understamp says:

"Bazza from Australia"

Germany - Franz

Franz with his beautiful leatherhosen.

Born on the 18th of May in Bearlin.

His passport says:

"Unsere Freundschaft kennt keine Grenzen"

"Our Friendship Knows No Boundries"

Buy him in Germany and you will get Franz with a passport.


Canada - Preston


Preston, born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, on the 1st of July.

He's a lumberjack.

Look at his snowshoes.

"Riding Across The Great-White North"

England - William


23rd of April William was born in the town of Bear Wood, United Kingdom.

He's a real Englishmen, you can tell by his umbrella and newspaper. He's dressed for bad weather.

And he's the last in this series to have his own passport.

"You're A Jolly Ol' Chap"

India - Rajul


Rajul has a very shiny jewel on her forhead. It really glitters.

She is beautifully dressed and holding an elephant doll.

"You're The Jewel Of My Heart"

Mexico - Carlos


Look at the detail he was made with, even the cactus he's holding.

Perhaps he's ready now to have a little siesta. He could pull his big hat over his eyes so that the sun wouldn't bother him.

"I Found An Amigo In You"

Spain - Fernando


This is our party animal, always making music and having fun.

Always happy.

"You Make Every Day A Fiesta"

France - Claudette


Claudette has a basket filled with goodies.

You can see a French bread sticking out of the basket.

Now where is the bottle of wine ?

"Our Friendship Is Bon Appetit!"

Japan - Machiko


She glows with serenity.

Crafted with lots of detail, just look at her shoes, lamp and fan.

"Love Fans A Beautiful Friendship"

Italy - Sophia

 Land of the grapes.

Sophia just comes home from picking them.

"Like Grapes On The Vine, Our Friendship Is Divine"

Her understamp says:

"Sophia from Italy"

Russia - Nadia


She looks really sweet.


"From Russia, With Love"

China - Lian


This is a very nice picture, the little boy holding the panda.


"Our Friendship Spans Many Miles"

Sweden - Kerstin


The girl from Sweden.

Beautiful dress.

"You're The Swedish Of Them All"

Scotland - Lorna


Lorna the little Scot.

The cloths are very detailed, and the skirt has a Scotisch pattern in it.


"Our Love Is In The Highlands"


Ireland - Colleen


This little figurine is so adorable.

She will bring you good luck too.

That's what her understamp says anyway:

"The Luck of The Irish To You"

 Want to learn about Ireland: All things Irish:

Tahiti - Leilani

This island is in French Polynesia. 

Always nice weather and relaxing.

Just have fun.

Her understamp says:

"Leilani from Tahiti"

"Sending You Warm And Friendly Island Breezes"


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