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Ten Ways To Hide Your Cherished Teddie Addiction

written by Gayle

Explain all those trips to Hallmark by telling everyone what a large family you have ! You need lots of birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards,...

Shop at more than one Bear Store. That way they will think you only "buy" occasionally, not continuously.

When someone asks if you collect Cherished Teddies, you say. "No, but my sister does"!

Build on a secret "Teddy Room" to display all your bears.

Hide all your Cherished Teddie Boxes! Put them under the bed, in the closet, make furniture out of a pile of them!

Disguise your bears as useful, helpful items, Paperweights perhaps !

Tell everyone, "I'm not collecting them really, I intend to sell them someday"

Place your Cherished Teddie purchases in a grocery sack when bringing them home! Everyone will think you are bringing home a gallon of milk and maybe cookies too Depends on how many bears you buy that day!

Let everyone believe you buy your "teddies" at the lingerie shop. They won't ask any questions.

When you say you are going to an "Adoption Center" make sure everyone knows that you volunteer your time at the local orphanage! They'll never suspect a thing!!!

Top Ten Unofficial Cherished Teddie Competitors

Precious Moments are good competition for Cherished Teddies! They tend to look at the bear with those tear drop eyes! Makes little CT feel sorry for them! But our little CT's sure are a lot more durable than that wimpy porcelain!!!

Barbie is a bit harder for Cherished Teddie to compete with cause she is pretty and she can sweet talk that little bear into anything! Fortunately, Barbie is busy with her social functions and leaves the little bears alone much of the time!

Books are beary hard to beat! Lots of people collect all kinds of books. Cherished Teddies have those whipped though! Books can actually be used for the bear to stand upon and rise above the crowd! Plus, CT's have such cute little saying of their own to read!

Charming Tails No contest! A bear and a mouse! Who do you think will win ????

Ornaments, Thank goodness there are Cherished Teddies ornaments! That way the competition is declared null and void!

Beannie Babies Uh Oh! Tough tough Competition here! Being challenged by a bag of beans! What's a bear to do? This competition is far from over! I believe the bears definitely have an edge though! Top runner Daisy continues to compete on the secondary market with top runner Wingless Quacks! We will have to monitor this situation closely!!!

Boyd's Bears Uh Oh! Again! Lots of collectors have crossed over to Boyd's territory! What a bad thing to happen, bears against bears! Oh Know! Can't we all just get along????

Lladro, GArmani no contest here! This is the high price classy stuff! These collectibles won't give our bears the time of day!

Disney another tough competitor. After all, how does one compete with Mickey and Pooh!

Dust unfortunately, I think the Cherished Teddies have lost to this collection! The dust collection just seems to keep gathering!! Hmmmmm.....

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