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Cherished Teddies Holiday Snowglobes Ornament Collection

The first two introductions are "A Beary Special Gift" and "Up On The Rooftop"

Each ornament is hand-crafted and features a Cherished Teddies figurine inside crystal clear glass.

$24.98 for each set of 2
(plus shipping and handling)


Cherished Teddie Angel Ornaments

There are twelve sets with three ornaments in each set. The price is $29.97 per set, plus $3.99 postage and handling.
For more information please visit 

(Just click on the picture if you want to see an enlarged version.)

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Set 6

"Wash Away Your Worries"/ "Recipe For Goodness"/ "Which Way To Heaven"

angels-message.jpg (10196 bytes)                  angels-rainbow.jpg (10808 bytes)               angels-wishstar.jpg (10694 bytes)

Set 3

"Message From Above"/    "Bringing You A Rainbow   / "Wish Upon A Falling Star" Of Happiness"

o-angelearth.jpg (9585 bytes)              o-angellightingway.jpg (11476 bytes)              o-angelsweetdreams.jpg (8100 bytes)

Set 2

"Peace on Earth"/ "Lighting the Way"/ "Wishing You Sweet Dreams"


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Set 1

"Blessings From Above"/ "I'm Looking Out for You"/ "A Star To Light Your Way"

Bradford-angel-BrightenDay.jpg (10688 bytes)           Bradford-angel-ShoweringLove.jpg (16157 bytes)          Bradford-angel-BedtimePrayers.jpg (13145 bytes)

Set 4

"You Brighten My day"/ "Showering You With Love"/ "Bedtime Prayers"

Bradford-angel-BearerJoy.jpg (14332 bytes)     Bradford-angel-HeavenlyRhyme.jpg (13583 bytes)    Bradford-angel-LoveCoversUs.jpg (14108 bytes)

Set 5

"Bearer Of Joy"/ "Angels Heavenly Rhyme"/ "Love Covers Us"

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Set 7

"I'll Keep You Afloat" / "I'll Never Stop Guiding You" / "Believe It Or Not I Love You"

Angel set 8.JPG (44003 bytes)

Set 8

"I Hear Your Call" / "Reaching New Heights For You" / "Patiently Awaiting"

Angel set 9.JPG (46069 bytes)

Set 9

"Lay Your Burdens Down" / "Inspired By Love" / "Wonders Of His Beauty"

Angel set 10.JPG (41241 bytes)

Set 10

"Lay Your Burdens Down" / "Inspired By Love" / "Wonders Of His Beauty"

(same as set 9)

Angel set 11.JPG (48276 bytes)

Set 11

"Spirits In Unity" / "Life Is Sweet" / "Cherish Small Blessings"

Angel set 12.JPG (48562 bytes)

Set 12

"Bound By Love" / "Celebrate Life" / "Give Thanks"

Angels 2.JPG (169342 bytes)

All of Them

Thank you Wendy for the use of your pictures!


These were never produced

Bradford Exchange has all the Halloween bears in ornaments and they are called Boo Bears. They come in a set of 4 and there are 6 sets. They will sell for $39.96 per set ($9.99 per ornament) plus $3.99 P&H You get a free tree after you have purchased all 6 sets of ornaments a $40.00 value. If after you receive them all and a years time has not passed they will send you all your money back including postage if you decide that you don't want them. They are so cute, it's sort of a MUST have. 

Thanks to Lisa for the news
Thanks to Jodi for the image!

This news is taken from TTT, Thank you Vivienne!

From The Bradford Exchange... plate collection...the Cherished Teddies - Someone to Watch Over Me sculptural collection. 

The first in the series is "Always There When I Need You" - 7 inches in diameter - and is priced at $39.95 (plus $4.99 postage). Each plate comes complete with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The literature does not indicate how many plates will be in this series. For more information, you can visit the Bradford Exchange website at

These plates are NOT resin, but plastic!

Third issue:

"Three Teddies In A Tub"



Fourth issue:

"Apple Of My Eye"

Fifth issue:

"Caring And Sharing"

If someone has a picture and the title of the second issue: please mail me. Thank you!

A beautiful box to put them all in

(pictures of swing ornaments were made by Nancy de Ronde-Buhler)

The Bradford Editions

9303 Wilwaukee Avenue

Niles, IL 60714


"The Night Before Christmas"

"Cherished Gift"

"Twice As Nice With You"

"Can't Wait Till Summer"

"Dear Santa"

"An Old-Fashioned Noel"

“You’ve Caught My Heart”

“Sharing A Frosty Treat”

“Surrounded By Feathered Friends”

“Trimmings For The Tree”

“Holiday Treats”

“A Holiday Gift For You”

Swing 8.JPG (101754 bytes)

"Holiday Snocones"

"Catch A Falling Snowflake"

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