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Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol

This Christmas Carol is about a man who loves money. He loves it so much that he doesn't want to spend it, not even on heat or nice food. His name is Ebearnezer Scrooge. His name tells it all. Even his employees are underpaid. One Christmasnight he gets a visit from his former boss Jacob Bearly. Jacob warns him. This same night he will be visited by three ghosts and they will take him on a journey. During this journey he comes to his senses and when he gets back home, he changes everything. He becomes a very nice and generous person.

This is really a very beautiful story. A story to read during Christmas.

If you haven't read the book, you just have to see the Movie.

 All these pieces have been retired.

JacobBearly.jpg (7324 bytes)

Jacob Bearly

He's the first spirit that visits Mr. Scrooge.

He actually wants to warn him about his way of life, but when Mr. Scrooge doesn't listen, he gets three other visits, from three more ghosts.

"You Will Be Haunted By Three Spirits"

Scrooge.jpg (5560 bytes)

Mr. Scrooge

Look how tight he's holding his bags of money.

But he does look nice in his pj's.

"Bah Humbug"

BearCratchit.jpg (7384 bytes)

Bear Cratchit

He works for Mr.Scrooge, even on Christmas night.

When he's sent home, he hasn't even earned enough money to buy the Christmas-turkey. He and his family are very poor and have a son that is very ill.

"And A Very Merry Christmas To You Mr. Scrooge"

MrsCratchit.jpg (6704 bytes)

Mrs. Cratchit

Ever so nice, always making the best of a bad situation.

Even with no money she still manages to keep her Christmas spirit.

"A Beary Christmas And A Happy New Year"

TinyTedBear.jpg (6310 bytes)

Tiny Ted-Bear

This is their son.

He's very ill and will not make it till the next day if he doesn't get proper care.

But a very good child and always cheerfull.

"God Bless Us Everyone"

Gloria.jpg (6953 bytes)


The first of the three spirits to visit Mr.Scrooge.

She takes him back in time to his own childhood and remembers him about the nice things about Christmas.

"I Am The Ghost Of Christmas Past"

Garland.jpg (7338 bytes)


The second spirit.

He takes Mr.Scrooge with him to the house of the Cratchit family. He makes Mr. Scrooge peek through the window and there Mr. Scrooge sees how happy they actually are, even though they have little to nothing.

"I Am The Ghost Of Christmas Present"

Gabriel.jpg (7088 bytes)


And finally the third ghost.

He takes Mr.Scrooge to some dark times. He shows him what it would be like when he's gone, R.I.P. Mr.Scrooge sees that the people give a very big feast to celebrate his passing on. This changes him and he makes all things better again.

"I Am The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come"


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