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Designer Pieces


Can-Pauline.jpg (4363 bytes)

"A Woman's Work Is Never Done"

Canadian Designer piece 2001

Was designed by Ontario resident Francine Harris and will be available mostly likely in Spring 2001

Stephanie and Melanie

"Tea and Cookies Warm The Soul,
But Close Friends Warm The Heart"

The Canadian Designer Piece 2000

Joey and Lindsey

"We Can Bear Any Storm Together"

The USA design piece 1999


"One Small Step For Love, One Giant Leap For Friendship"

The UK design piece 1999


"Sunday Morning Ride"

The Dutch design piece 1999


"Der Glucksbringer"

The German design piece 1999


"A Big Step To Start You On Your Way"

The Australian design piece 1999


"Friends Old Are Dear To Hold"

The Canadian design piece 1999