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Variations and Errors

I've added this section for those on the hunt for the special pieces.

These pieces can have errors or variations.

What are errors and variations ? These are misprints in the names, or different colors for the same piece, or something else, but always different from the original piece.

There also have been rumors about certain pieces having complete different colors, but these were never found, e.g. Logan with blue pants on.



Abigail - 900362 - found with 6R registration in Europe

Age 6 - 911283 - found with white patch on arm

Ages 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - are being found with no registration numbers on the bottom

Allison and Alexandria - 127981 - Orange dots on Allison's dress and hair bow were changed to blue

Alyssa - 533866 - Variation from prototype: Pale blue coat changed to turquoise

Amy - 910732 - variations in bow colors, white, pink and light purple bow with white dots

Angela - understamp has been found saying "Thes" instead of "This"

Angie - 951137 - found with both metal halo or resin halo

Anthony - 476528 - variations: Rare Anthony found with Gold Paint

Arnold - 476161 - found with wrong punctuation in his title :"You" Putt" Me In A Great Mood"

Bailey and Friend - IPR - 662011 - Found with spelling error "Contagions" not 'Contagious, very hard to find piece, error was quickly corrected

Bazza - 276995 - passport error page 15 says Bob's Travel Log. Bazza's understamp states "Bazza from Australia". He, Sophia and Leilani are the only ones with this kind of stamp.

Becky - 916331 - has been found with blue trim and light lavendar trim on bonnet

Benji - 950548 - found with spelling error - HONY not HONEY

Benny - found with unpainted dots on his right knee

Bessie - 916404 - 4R found with basket as separate piece glued to figurine

Beth & Blossom - 950564 - Early productions have a butterflie on the basket and the papers say Bartholomew & Blossom

Bette - 533637 - found with name in cement not colored, very hard to see BETT colored, but E is not

Bill - carousel - 505552 - Prototype only holding US flag. All others holding Cherished Teddies flag

Billy - 924896 - spelling error on bottom - BILLIE

Boy Graduate - 127949 - found with white tassel instead of blue

Brandon - found without CT on his shirt - with CT painted blue - with CT not painted at all

Brett - 302457 - found with both white wings and pink wings on the little bear

Cameron - 508659 - Spelling error "Candian" should be "Canadian"

Camille - 950424 - Bow on top of head has open and closed loops

Carol - 352969 - Variation: prototype Carol has blue pants and mittens, jacket was different pink

Carrie - 141321 - found with a nose painted on

Casey - 219525 - found with and without lantern

Chelsea - 910694 - variation in color of bow - white or yellow

Cole - 476714 - Prototype (with heart on foot) and variations

Crystal - carousel - Rare version: production error and first runs produced with Rare Bear understamp in regular brown ink. Subsequent productions will have gold ink understamp. Found oriented across either narrow wide or wide part of base

Dorothy, Millie, Christy - 128023 - prototype pieces have white bows with colored dots

Douglas - 129023 - found with jack-in-the-box glued on backwards - could be tampering

Dudley - variation from original: produced in unpainted version

Ella - 156329 - found with Thelma's message on the bottom

Erica - 176023 - found with dogs paw white or unpainted

Fernando - 202355 - has been found with Lian's understamp and a crooked base

Flossie - carousel - 589950 - Box and papers say "I'd Stick My Neck Out For You Anytime" figurine says "I'd Stick My Neck Out For You' Future pieces should read as box

Follow the Yellow Brick Road set - 476501 - prototype variation: Dot's shoes are pink not bright 'Ruby Red". Characters located in different areas

Frank & Helen - 352950 - Released in the Netherlands as International Edition Understamp removed and letter I added to registrationnumber

Franz - 202436 - found with one feather on his hat or two feathers, found with different button colors on this backpack, brown and gold, also different sizes

Freda & Tina - 911747 - found with Tea for Two and as Tea for Too

Harrisson - 911739 - found with the wagon molded or glued to figurine

Heart to Heart - CRT241 - has been found with two girls instead of boy and girl - found with bench on backwards: flowers were behind bench

Heidi & David - 910708 - 3R marks have Heidi as having a line of pink on the ruffle around her neck

Henrietta - 910686 - found with white chicken, others have yellow

I'm Surrounded By Hugs - UK version - 538299 - The word "mom" (on the cards) were replaced with "Mum"

Jacki, Karen, Sara - 950432 - error in all 3 pieces - no dots on bows

James - 269786 - has been found with red coat and tan pants, and green coat and blue pants

Jasmine - 950475 - found with yellow pillow riffles

Jason - carousel - 506214 -  understamp reads "When It Comes To Friendship You're Really EAMED Your Stripes", should read EARNED

Jessica - 155438A - found with 1997 colorings and 1996 Special Artist understamp

Jim & Joey - 203513 - found with both pastel and promary colored ball

Joseph - 476471 - variation from Palmer Catalogue Excl.: light overalls changed to dark blue, toys are darker also

Judy - 203491 - found with both pastel and primary colored umbrella

Kaitlyn - found with the umbrella handle attached to the chest

Kathleen - 916447 - found marked as Sean on the bottom and vice versa

Katrien - 202401 - produced without the word CHERISHED on the bottom, just TEDDIES

Kent - 476560 - found with red GO sign

Kevin - 103896 - has been found with no eyes, they had not been painted

Kiss The Hurt - 127965 - found with pink slippers, found with right eyes on right slipper not painted on

Lanny - charter - CT105 - first run production did not have the Charter Membear designation on it's understamp, has been corrected

Lee - 272167 - variation from prototype picture, tan dog and dark brown dog

Lian - 441066 - found with Canada, should be China

Lily - 202959A - found with 997 on understamp instead of 1997 - also found as an 8R piece but no mentioning of it being a Catalog Exclusive on the bottom having a light colored little bear

Lisa - 103780 - found with no eyes, nose or mouth painted on

Logan - 103756 - found with Limited To Year Of Production understamp - found with blue pants label on box

Lloyd - CT103 - found with Charter Membear understamp on the non Charter Membear piece with red suitcase

Lyndon & Lindsey - 141178 - found with LIMITED PREVIEW spelled as LIMITED PRFVIEW 

Lynn - 310735 - variation from preview piece - star replaced with CT angel tree topper

Marie - 910767 - found with blue napkin and white hearts on teapot

Mark - 914770 - has been produced in 5R with and without tail, 6R and 7R have a kite tail

Marlene & Marissa - 368164 - found with and without bench-chair

Marty - 476722 - prototype (with heart on foot) and variations

Mary Jane - found with Amelia's understamp - found with bow unpainted

Michael & Michelle - 910775 - found with yellow ruffle around their pillow

Maureen - 135690 - the catalog of 1996 shows her with "Lucky Me" on her clover. Perhaps a prototype picture ?

Melissa - 103829 - found with yellow ruffle around her hat, found MELISS on bottom

Mike - 355255 - variation from prototype: yellow balloon changed to dark pink

Millie, Christie & Dorothy - 128023 - variations from prototype: bows changed from white with dots to colored bows

Mini Nativity musical - found with a duck, a girl doll and a block on the base instead of the camel

Miranda - 476706 - prototype (with heart on footh) and variations

Mother/Mum - 624861 - 3 different variations: "A Mother's Love Bears All Things" - "A Mum's Love Bears All Things" - "A Mum Love Bears All Things"

Molly - found with shiny face, blanket and dress on a letter mark piece

Nativity Cow - 651095 - 4R cows have been found more of a mauve color with all other colos on this piece different as well

Nativity Camel - 904309 - has been found with both white wings and blue wings on little bear

Newton - 272361 - has been found with solid bells, black stripes on bells, pink stripe on bell and banner and the bells are in the right hand

Nils - 617245 - found with white antlers and brown antlers 

Nina - 215864 - found with 6R marking, found with the yellow dot not painted on the front of her parcel

Noel - 176109 - found with blocks out of order spelling ENOL

Nutcracker Bench - found with green and mauve

Olga - 182966 - found with brown, mauve or grey squirrel

Oscar - 914843 - found with green on the stem and pumpkin

Our Cherished Family - grandma and grandpa - variation from prototype: glasses were added

Pat - 141313 - found with all blue shirt on scarecrow

Patience - 617105 - found with yellow dress instead of cream/beige

Patrice - 911429 - pink tail bunny with white square in front of bunny, and, white tailed bunny with green square in front of bunny

Peter - 104973 - found with thick base with gold buttons and thin base with slade buttons

Preston - 216739 - Canadian version, came with German passport saying Reissport

Priscilla Ann - CRT025 - mold error on paint brush

R. Harrison Hartford - CT002 - red pencil = charter membearship, yellow pencil = new membearship, and error with brown pencil (found scarce)

Rita - 476617 - understamp found with "DDI" of teddie in different print style

Robert - 156272 - error in spelling of name on bottom ROBFRT

Robbie & Rachel - 911402 - found with peach and minty green veil or solid white veil

Roy & Sierra - found with 8R, R and R1 marks

Sally & Skip - 510955 - Found with no registration number, numbered in 3 series: 8C0/oo1 through 8C9/999 = 9,999 - 8H0/000 through 8H9/000 = 10,000 - 8E0/000 through 8E5/000 = 5,001

Sherlock - 163481 - 5R found with darker colors - brown vest and darker blue book, 6R has been found with lighter colors - yellow vest and lighter blue book

Signage Plaque - 951005 - Hamilton Gifts, Ltd. with Hamilton Licensee - Enesco, Hamilton Licensee - Enesco, Enesco Licensee - some with no written text

Sven and Liv - 272159 - brown antlers and highlighted antlers, found with understamp CATHY

Tammy - 533637 - variation from prototype

Tanna - 476595 - prototype (with gold heart on foot) and variations

Teddy & Roosevelt - 624918 - production in 1993 for the US = 3R marking. Later produced for overseas collectors. Can be found with 3R, 4R and 5R markings

Theadore, Samantha and Tyler - 950769 - found with the message saying :" Friendshipship Weathers All Storms". Certificated found with 'Friendshipship Weathers"

Timothy - 910740 - cat has been found in white or pink - found with 5R

Tony - 219487 - found with Casey's understamp

Wally - 103934 - found with pink and blue suit - found with white and blue suit (white where the pink side is on the other one)

Wedding Party - variation from prototype - pants on best man and ringbearer changed grom grey to black

We're Three Of A Kind - 265780 - has mostly been found with International Adoption Center Exclusive label and adoption papers, with the US version of the actual piece

Zachary - 950491 - found with sail on backwards - tampering ? Found with little doll with her freckles not painted

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