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Our holiday to France

In July 1998 Donald, our dog Goofy and I went to France for the holidays. We had a great time and I want to share it with all of you. This way you can also get an idea of what France looks like. Enjoy.

This is the villa we stayed in.

Donald "Aznavour"

At night, me and Donald, Peter and Viviane (my sister)

Nancy standing in the pouring rain

This is the town we visited


The place to swim

Trying hard to get Goofy to go into the water

Crazy husband with five sunglases

His kingdom

Enjoying some fries with mayo

Family picture

Real tourists


Wine tasting

Enjoying the view

Major cactus

Remains of the castle

Very high (and hot!)

Goofy exhausted! Looking for shade!

Beautiful lavender fields (with bees!)

One bee

More lavender fields and a beautiful view

Drive towards the Mont Blanc

In front of Mont Blanc


(Nancy is in the middle)

So, this was it, hope you enjoyed your trip to France.

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These pictures are property of Nancy de Ronde-Bühler.

If anybody wants to use them, please ask for permission. Thanks a bundle.