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Frequent Buyer Program

A very good idea from Enesco, reward people if they buy a lot of Cherished Teddies . But I have to say, you do have to buy lot of them.

For the year 2001 in Holland and Belgium:



1000 points + Hfl. 15

1500 points + Hfl. 15

Bradley was available for 1 weekend in september 2000 in the USA.

(picture of Tori was taken from Stone Fence, all other picture are from The Teddies Trader)

Tori is available at Stone Fence

2001 in Germany:



1000 points + DM 29,90

1500 points + DM 54,90


* All stamps of 2000 are also valid in 2001.

* You can save stamps for the 2000, 2001 levels or for discount.

  If you save for a 2000 level, you use the blue card.

  If you save for a 2001 level, you use the purple card.

* Full saving cards for Marco Pawlini and Ray can be sent in till 31st of January 2001. After this date you have to check with your dealer first if these levels are still available.

For the year 2000 in Holland and Belgium:

Audrey D. Zeiner

Marco Pawlini


 Only available in Holland through a lotery

1000 points + Hfl. 18

1500 points + Hfl. 25

 Marco Pawlini is a Membears Only figurine in the US

In the US Ray was a figurine that you got in 1999 if you bought all the Membears Only pieces of 1999

Audrey D. Zeiner is a surprise Membears Only figurine in the US in 2000.

And also new to Holland and Belgium are trading stamps:

To get points you have to collect little trading stamps which are put on a special card. This card will be available at your shop starting of the new year. For each purchase of 10 Dutch guilders (=approx. $5), you get one trading stamp. One trading stamp is worth 10 points. So, in other words to get Marco, you need 1000 points, you need to collect 100 trading stamps, which also means that you have to buy for 1000 Dutch guilders (=approx $500), first before you can get Marco.  

You can also trade these stamps at your shop to get extra discount. For each card with 50 trading stamps (which means you bought for 500 Dutch guilders = approx. $250), you get a discount of 10 Dutch guilders (=approx. $5)  

Trading stamps are given as follows: buy 10 Dutch guilders = 1 stamp  

Buy 25 Dutch guilders = 2 stamps - Buy 29 Dutch guilders = 2 stamps - Buy 30 Dutch guilders = 3 stamps  

(where in the past an amount of 29 would have been the same as 30)

All remaining points, bonuspoints and purchase slips can be send it to the club to exchange them for trading stamps. These have to be send in before January 31st, 2000. Remember that this is only for Holland and Belgium.

For the year 1999 in Holland, Belgium and Germany:

And for the year 2000 in Australia:





"I'm All Washed Up Without You"

"Just The Bear Essentials"

"Togetherness Is One Of The Bear Necessities"

600 points + Hfl. 9.95

800 points + Hfl. 11.95

1400 points + Hfl. 22.95

Each Guilder spend is one point !!

(Pictures made by Nancy de Ronde-Buhler)

There are three beautiful pieces to earn, for the US in the years 1997 and 1998, and in Holland and Belgium in 1998: 



Mary Jane

275 points

475 points

750 points

You get these points by buying Cherished Teddies.

Each dollar is one point, each half dollar is one point.

Added in 1998, only in the US, is a fourth level: for 900 points you receive a lithograph signed by Priscilla Hillman of The Girl On Ottoman Musical.


Ricky is the new addition to the family. You get him if you sign up a new membear in the year 2000. He too, like Blaire Beary and Bubbie Waterton, is a miniature.

We have Bubbie Waterton. You get him for signing up someone as a new membear in 1998 in the US and in 1999 in Holland and Belgium.

And there is the beautiful piece Blaire Beary.

You get her if you sign up someone as a membear in 1997 in the US and in 1998 in Holland and Belgium. 

If you get another person to become a membear in 1997 in the US, you get a deck of cards.

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