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My husband Donald 

I've met some wonderful people during these eight years that I've been on the Internet. I would love to share them with you, so here are some pictures.

Wendy & Robert

Chicago, Illinois, USA

And their dog Brownie  

Vicky and Jeff

Chatham, Ontario, Canada

And their two kids Colin and Ashlee  

Casey and Keshna



Johnstown, PA, USA 

And her sons Daniel and Christopher  

Teri Lynne and Neil

Kelowna, Canada

Her engagement ring  

Mary and Doug

Columbia Hights, MN, USA


Fokuoka, Japan


Elisa, Reggie and baby Rachel

Houston, Texas, USA 


Sandy and family

Eureka, California, USA 

Sandy's and Doug's kids  


Kailua, Hawaii, USA 

Priscilla, signing my "Love" piece  

Alex, in front of his shop Panache in Australia

Event Day Mike

Tracey and Darrin

Oregon, USA