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The Hamilton collection

These are items that are related to our precious bears but were produced by Hamilton




A Beary Special Gift

Up On The Rooftop

# 38811 - no.1



(no information yet)


Let It Snow

Seeds Of Friendship

# 38813 - no.3



Sweet Holiday Memories

Your Love Keeps Me Warm

# 38814 - no.4



Warmest Holiday Wishes

Jolly Holiday Fun

# 38815 - no.5


All Cuddled Up

The Sweet Smell Of Christmas

# 38816 - no.6



(no information yet)



Winter Follies

Joy Of Giving

# 38818 - no.8


Hamilton-treintje.jpg (21574 bytes)

# 44768 - North Pole Express Train


"Choo Choo A Happy Christmas To You"

116470 - no.1


"Stocking Up On Christmas Joy"

116171 - no.2


"Enjoy A Dash Og Holiday Cheer"

116472 - no.3

"Holiday Greetings Stamped With Love"

119033 - no.4


"It's Sew Special To Share Christmas With You"

119034 - no.5


"I Cane Always Count On You For A Jolly..."

119798 - no.6


"Celebrate A Season Trimmed With Friendship"

119799 - no.7


"There Is No End To Our Christmas Spirit"

119800 - no.8



HAM-SherryDalton.jpg (15028 bytes)

Sherry and Dalton

Hamilton #84546


HAM-DonnaCosette.jpg (11592 bytes)

Donna and Cosette

Hamilton #84545


HAM-CharlotteClay.jpg (17786 bytes)

Charlotte and Clay

Hamilton #84543


HAM-SusanMadison.jpg (12486 bytes)

Susan and Madison

Hamilton #84544

HAM-LoriSamantha.jpg (15281 bytes)

Lori and Samantha

"Rock-A-Bye Baby"

#101678 - $20.00


HAM-MarciAshlee.jpg (17117 bytes)

Marci and Ashlee

"Wash Away Your Worries, Scrub In The Sunshine"


Hamilton #84542

Irish Blessings


Irish-WindBack.jpg (20688 bytes)

"May The Wind Always Be At You Back"

113620 - $19.95 - no. 2

Irish-MayRoadRise.jpg (21028 bytes)

"May The Road Rise Up To Meet You"

113625 - $19.95 no. 1


Irish-SunWarmFace.jpg (18030 bytes)

"May The Sun Shine Warm Upon Your Face"

115546 - $19.95 no. 3


"May The Rain Fall Soft Upon Your Fields"

115548 - $19.95 no. 4



Irish-PalmHand.jpg (29716 bytes)

"Until We Meet Again, May God Hold You In The Palm Of His Hand"

115549 - $19.95 no.5


"May The Waters Lay Calm For Your Journey"

4002152 - $19.95 no. 6


"May The Good Earth Yield Much Bounty"

4002153 - $19.95 no. 7


"May You Discover Riches At The Rainbows End"

4002154 - $19.95 no.8



Candy Cane Ornaments



Ham-Lucy.jpg (23962 bytes)


"Rocking Away In My Favorite Reading Chair"



Angels Sow Graceful series


Ham-Madison.jpg (21768 bytes)


"It Takes Time To Build A Great Friendship"


Early Release January 2002

Doreen.jpg (13297 bytes)


#39543 -- $20.00

HAM-Dawson.jpg (15074 bytes)

"You're The Wind That Lifts My Sails"

HAM-Gregory.jpg (16759 bytes)

"From Sea to Shining Sea You Are the One for Me!"

The new Cherished Teddies Exclusive subscription:

 Hats Off To Cherished Teddies.

Features an authentic Cherished Teddies figurine atop a fanciful hat box that opens to reveal a tiny place for your special trinkets. 

The first two introductions are:
"You Tickle My Fancy"
"You're My Little Bluebird of Happiness"

Each subscription payment will be $19.95 plus shipping and handling

Ham-Hoedjes1.jpg (33534 bytes)


The Luck 'O The Irish Collection

Featured in their new series are eight darling figurines retailing for $19.95 plus S&H

Each figurine has an item that is plated in rich 22K gold.



Irish-OurLove-77134.jpg (69372 bytes)


Our Love is more than Luck

# 77134


Irish-LuckInFront-77135.jpg (31147 bytes)


Luck is always Right in Front of You

# 77135


Irish-PotOf Gold-77136.jpg (34602 bytes)


A Pot of Gold is Always Filled with Friendship

# 77136


Irish-BearyGoodLuck-77137.jpg (37609 bytes)


May Your Days be filled with Beary Good Luck

# 77137


Irish-SongFriendship-77138.jpg (30788 bytes)


A Blessed Song For Our Friendship

# 77138


Irish-GoodFortune-77145.jpg (44711 bytes)


Good Fortune is Found In A Kind Heart

# 77145


Irish-LoveNote-77140.jpg (35800 bytes)


Sending A Little Love Note To You

# 77140


Irish-RainbowEnd-77139.jpg (40371 bytes)


At The Rainbow's End You'll Find A Friend

# 77139






days-all.jpg (37635 bytes)

Ham-Monica.jpg (25615 bytes) Tia.jpg (7675 bytes) Wendy.jpg (8203 bytes) Thelma.jpg (8294 bytes) Frances.jpg (9605 bytes) Sandra.jpg (8305 bytes) Sunny.jpg (8651 bytes)

Monica - Tia - Wendy - Thelma - Frances - Sandra - Sunny

Monica - Monday's Child Is Fair Of Face
Tia -
Tuesday's Child Is Full Of Grace
Wendy -
Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe
Thelma -
Thursday's Child Has Far To Go
Frances -
Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving
Sandra -
Saturday's Child Works Hard For A Living
Sunny -
Sunday's Child Is Born On The Sabbath Day, Is Bonny And Blithe And Gay
 Hamilton Collection

You can also buy this complete series in shops in Holland and Germany

Ham-School.jpg (31390 bytes)Ham-Groom.jpg (35634 bytes)Ham-Claire.jpg (33868 bytes)Ham-Elsa.jpg (11645 bytes)

"Stitched With Love"

Each bear comes with their own traditionally designed, hand-sewn fabric quilts. The figurines are 2-1/2" high; each is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each set of two bears will retail for $24.95.

Schoolgirl: "Blanket of Knowledge"

Groom: "Surrounded With Love"
Claire: "Surrounded With Kindness"

Elsa: "Warmed With Goodness"


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