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The Hamilton Houses

These are items that are related to our precious bears but were produced by Hamilton



A Picnic for Two.jpg (21740 bytes)

A Picnic For Two


Camille1.JPG (37035 bytes)

Camille's Quilt Shop


nursery.jpg (26219 bytes)

Teddies Nursery


school.jpg (46691 bytes)

Apple Tree School House


Teddie's Boat Shop.jpg (42494 bytes)

Teddie's Boat Shop


The Wedding Gazebo.jpg (26343 bytes)

The Wedding Gazebo


Toy Shop winter.jpg (26038 bytes)

Teddie's Toy Shop Winter


Toys for Teddies.jpg (36614 bytes)

Toys For Teddies


treats.jpg (30025 bytes)

Sweet Treats For Teddies


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