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Irmgard's Party

On July 11th 1998 there was a Cherished Teddy party in Germany. Irmgard Koesters was our host. She has a very large garden and this time she put up lots of tents to keep out the rain. It was very cozy too. There was one tent with snacks, German specialities, like Bradwurst, and also lots of cakes and salades.

Next to this tent was a little wooden shack. Yes, a shack, but when you enter it, you walk right into the world of Cherished TeddiesÓ

Here are some pictures of that day. Enjoy!!

The welcoming sign

The entrance

Here you could buy Lance

Cozy hey?

Nancy and Irmgard

Irmgard in action

One of her displays

The china

TST on the teapot

Detailed cup with Lance

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