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The Laplanders

NatashaMichelKitty.jpg (20370 bytes)

Natasha - "On A Journey To Peace And Joy"

Michel and Kitty - "Sharing The Season Of Joy Together"

Limited Edition 2004

SelmaAriana.jpg (14824 bytes)

Selma and Ariana, Limited Edition 2003

"Winter Wonders, Faithful Friends"

GusGerhild.jpg (34540 bytes)

Gus and Gerhild, Limited Edition 2002

"I Cherish Every Moment Spent With You"

Astrid, Limited Edition 2001

"It's Not The Size Of The Gift, But What's Inside That Counts"

Irmgard, Limited Edition 2000

"Your Smile Can Melt Any Heart"

Star, Limited Edition 1999

"Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today"

SegridJustafIngmar.JPG (35124 bytes)

Segrid, Justaf & Ingmar, Limited Edition 1998

"The Spirit Of Christmas Grows In Our Hearts"

image187.jpg (6895 bytes)

Sven & Liv, Limited Edition 1997

"All Paths Lead To Kindness And Friendship"


Olga, Limited Edition 1996

"Feel The Peace... Hold The Joy... Share The Love"

Charlie, retired in 1996

"The Spirit Of Friendship Warms The Heart"

Mary, retired 07/01/2000

in The Netherlands

Retired 09/09/00 in the U.S.A.

"A Special Friend Warms The Season"

image179.jpg (4947 bytes)

Ingrid, dated 1994

"Bundled-Up With Warm Wishes"


"Near And Deer For Christmas"

image181.jpg (6064 bytes)

Eric, retired 10/31/98

"Bear Tidings Of Joy"

Sonja, retired 10/31/98

"Holiday Cuddles"

image183.jpg (7008 bytes)

Earl, retired 10/31/98

"Warm Hearted Friends"

Kristen, retired 10/31/98

"Hugs Of Love And Friendship"

image185.jpg (6952 bytes)

Erica, Retired 07/01/00

In the Netherlands

Retired 09/09/00 In the U.S.A.

"Friends Are Always Pulling For You"


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