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Lifetime Of Memories

Looking back on those fond memories, Priscilla realized how much certain events shape our lives. So she created this new series to commemorate the important events in life, from birth to adulthood. Whether it's the birth of a child, a new idea or a newfound friendship, this figurine symbolizes all of life's wonderful beginnings.


Kathy and Ken

"Charting The Heavens With You"

Fourth piece in this series, limited to 7500 pieces

LM-4th-KathyKen.jpg (11695 bytes)


"Home Is Where The Heart Is And Ours Is Filled With Love"

Third piece in this series

LM-3rd.jpg (4209 bytes)


"Our Journey Has Just Begun"

Second piece in this series

Journey.jpg (33071 bytes)



First piece in this series

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