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Limited Editions and Special Event Pieces

Limited editions are very special pieces. They are pieces that are only produced in a particular year. The understamp says: "Limited To Year Of Production". They also can be dated pieces.

Special Event Pieces are bears everybody can get, but you have to go to a special event-day to purchase them. That's the only chance you'll have on getting them.

Fran & Hank

"You're A Perfect Catch"
Limited Edition,2005




Randy & Jill

and the real Randy & Jill

"I'd Jump Through Hoops For You" "Always Snow Much Fun With You"
Limited Edition 4th Quarter Exclusive,2004 Limited Edition 1st Quarter Exclusive,2004

ParkerCarly.jpg (11396 bytes)

Parker & Carly

"Spread Love Around The World"

Limited Edition 4th Quarter Exclusive,2003

LewisClark.jpg (32948 bytes)

Lewis & Clark

"We Proceeded Onto Friendship"

Limited Edition to year of production,2004

GiselleGertrudeGlenda.jpg (19848 bytes)

Giselle, Gertrude & Glenda

"Bubble Bubble Toil And Trouble"

Limited Edition to year of production,2003
Gertie.jpg (21151 bytes)


"It Only Took A Little Magic To Enchant My Heart"
Limited to year of production, 2003

KurtBrody.jpg (6651 bytes)

Kurt and Brody

 "Celebrate Life, Love And Friendship Everyday

Limited Edition, produced in 2003

FarrahAnnabel.jpg (8694 bytes)

Farrah and Annabel

 "You've Caught My Heart"

Limited Edition

Jill.jpg (24995 bytes)


 "I'm Always Good For A Soft Cuddle And A Warm Hug"

Limited Edition of 10,000



 "Cherish The Little Things"

"By Land Or By Sea, Let's Go - Just You And Me"

1999 Painters Tour Event Figurine

Limited To Year Of Issue 1999

teddy&~1.jpg (5284 bytes)

prisci~2.jpg (5722 bytes)

Teddy & Roosevelt

Priscilla & Greta

"The Book Of Teddies 1903-1993"

"Our Hearts Belong To You"

Limited to 1993 production

Limited Edition of 19,950

Priscilla Ann

Town Tattler Signage Figurine

"There's No One Like Hue"

Founder's Day Event 1995

McRand International Collectibles Exposition Exclusive



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