Membears Only Figurines

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If you are a membear of the Cherished Teddies Club you can buy these figurines. Each year you have different pieces and you can buy them only that particular year.

They're great looking pieces too and you do have exceptions.

If you signed up as a new membear in 1995, that means you are a charter membear and receive the club renewal piece with a different color. E.g. Lloyd with a green suitcase = Charter Membear

If you signed up after 1995, you receive the same pieces but with other colors. E.g. Lloyd with a red suitcase.

This only applies to membears in the US. I know of Membears elswhere across the world that do not receive the charter membear bears with special colors, even if they joined the club in 1995. Why not? Nobody knows. Just go ahead and take a look at these little critters.

2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002 - 2001 - 2000 - 1999 - 1998 - 1997 - 1996 - 1995



2006 Symbol of Membearship


2006 Membears Only Figurine

Lindsay and Danielle

2006 Membears Only Figurine


2006 Membears Only Figurine


Purchase all three Membears'Only Figurines and receive Deborah (min-figurine_ FREE!



2005 Symbol of Membearship

Warming By The Camfire On A Velvet Night


2005 Membears Only Figurine

Always Willing To Share His Favorite Things With Those He Cares About

Tommy and Eddie - Noreen and Naomi

2005 Membears Only Figurines

No Adventure Is Too Great Or Small, As Long As They Conquer It Together

Taking In All The Beautiful Sights And Meeting New Friends Along The Way


2005 Club Exclusive Figurine

A Boy With A Heart As Big As The Great Otdoors


Club Exlusive Mini Figurine

Having Fun Under The Warm Sun

Get this for free when you join or renew fot two years


For the 10th anniversary year, they have brought back one character from each year of the Club to celebrate the anniversary with us.

MEM-BlaireBeary2.jpg (4525 bytes)

Blaire Beary (charter piece on the right)

 "Bubbling With Anticipation For The Celebration"

First introduced in the 1997 Club

2004 Symbol of Membearship

MEM-WadeWeathersbee2.jpg (5488 bytes)

Wade Weathersbee

"Hoping To Be A Winner In The Game Of Love"

First introduced in the 1998 Club

2004 Membears Only Figurine

MEM-JuliaBearon2.jpg (11196 bytes)

Julia Bearon

"A Sweet Starlet With A Hometown Heart"

First introduced in the 2000 Club

2004 Membears Only Figurine

MEM-KurtisHilary.jpg (6134 bytes)

Hilary & Kurtis D. Claw

"Celebrating Their Dedicated Love And Happiness"

Hilary first introduced in the 1995 Club & Kurtis first introduced in the 1996 Club

2004 Membears Only Figurine

Mem-Rosie2004.jpg (9196 bytes)


2004 Exclusive Mini Figurine

Rosie was introduced as a Mystery Bear in 2001

MEM-NameYourOwn2004.jpg (9131 bytes)

Name Your Own

2004 Club Exclusive

If you renew your membership before April 30th, 2004 or become a new membear you can purchase this figurine.

Mem-Vivienne2004.jpg (11164 bytes)


First introduced in the 1999 Club

Here base can be clicked together with Wade's.

2004 Club Exclusive

If you renew your membership before April 30th, 2004 or become a new membear you can purchase this figurine.

This figurine will only be available from 10th of July until 10th of October 2004.

Mick and Savannah

Only available at the Disney Resort Convention September 2004


mem-Leah.jpg (16235 bytes) mem-Leah-Charter.jpg (10132 bytes)


2003 Symbol Of Membearship

(Charter piece on the right)

Mem-Eileen.JPG (10453 bytes)


2003 Membears Only Figurine

Mem-Sophie.JPG (20858 bytes)


2003 Membears Only Figurine

Mem-Mick.JPG (11917 bytes)


2003 Membears Only Figurine

mem-OwenJared.jpg (9469 bytes)

Owen and Jared

If you renew your membership before April 15th, 2003 you can purchase this figurine for $12.50

mem-2yeargift.jpg (10999 bytes)

And if you renew your membership for two years, you get this bear for FREE!



"Watch Your Love Grow"

mem-Tristan.jpg (15476 bytes)mem-Tristankit.jpg (30597 bytes)mem-Tristan-charter.jpg (9716 bytes)


2002 Symbol Of Membearship

(right Charter piece)

mem-Savannah.jpg (16458 bytes)


2002 Membears Only Figurine

Dolores.jpg (12431 bytes)


2002 Membears Only Figurine

Mem-Genevieve.jpg (19166 bytes)


2002 Membears Only Figurine

Mem-Eloise.jpg (9157 bytes)Mem-Eloisegardengate.jpg (14595 bytes)

Eloise and her gardengate

2002 Membears Only Figurine

If you renew your Membearship in the 2002 Cherished Teddies Club by
April 15, 2002, you'll have the chance to purchase Eloise and her
garden gate for only $10.00* - representing a dollar for each
year since the premiere of the Cherished Teddies collection!
Renew in December for this extra-special Club offer!

mem-2002extra.jpg (8717 bytes) mem-pothanger1.jpg (7987 bytes)

These lovely hanging bears come with your purchase of Tristan!

mem-2002gratis.jpg (9590 bytes)

get Max for FREE if you purchase ALL the members only bears!



"International Bear Mystery"

mem-TJames-charter.jpg (9426 bytes)

T. James Bear (right charter piece)

2001 Symbol Of Membership

Deena Wilde - Maxine D'Face - Giacomo "Jake" Bearcino

Members Only figurines

Rosie D'Face

Early Renewal Gift

Angelo Bearcino

Free gift if you purchase all of the Members Only Figurines



"A Bear's Life"

mem-Julia-charter-dogblack.jpg (8608 bytes)

Julia Bearon

2000 Symbol Of Membership

(Charter piece with black dog)

Brad Wheeler - Marco Pawlini

Members Only figurines

Audrey D. Zeiner

Surprise Members Only figurine

(left is prototype)


Early Renewal Gift


Free Gift for signing up a new Member



mem-Lanny-charter.jpg (10014 bytes)mem-Lanny-charter-redflag.jpg (7742 bytes)


1999 Symbol of Membership

(charter piece and detail on the right)

Vivienne - Walter - Letty

Members Only Figurines


Members Only Figurine


Free gift if you purchase all of the Members Only Figurines

Early Renewal Gift



mem-Darlene-charter.jpg (9318 bytes) mem-darlene-charter-pinkbag.jpg (6276 bytes)

Dr.Darlene Makebetter

1998 Symbol Of Membership

(Charter piece and detail on the right)

Lela Nightengale - Accesories - Wade Weathersbee

Members Only Figurines

Bubbie Waterton

Free Gift for signing up a new member





1997 Symbol of Membership

(right Charter piece with green suitcase)

Eleanor P. Beary - Bernard and Bernice

Members Only Figurines

Early Renewal Gift

Blaire Beary

Free Gift for signing up a new member




R. Harrison Hartford

1996 Symbol of Membership

(right Charter piece with red pencil)

mem-EmilyEClaire.JPG (9266 bytes) mem-KurtisDClaw.JPG (9185 bytes)

Emily E. Claire - Kurtis D. Claw

Members Only Figurines



mem-CubEBear.JPG (11712 bytes)

Cub E. Bear

1995 Symbol of Membership

mem-MayorWilsonTBeary.JPG (11483 bytes) mem-HilaryHugabear.JPG (12011 bytes)

Mayor Wilson T. Beary - Hilary Hugabear

Members Only Figurines


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