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Mum-2004.jpg (8969 bytes)

Mother's Day Figurine 2004

"It's Your Day To Relax

(Retires as of 9th of May 2004)

Mum-2003.jpg (5744 bytes)

Mother's Day Figurine 2003

"Start Life One Step At A Time"

(Retires as of 13th of May 2003)

Moeder2002.jpg (17874 bytes)

Mother's Day Figurine 2002

"It's Moments Like These That Are Meant To Be Cherished"

(Retired as of June 6, 2002)

Moeder2001.jpg (26110 bytes)

Mother's Day Gift-To-Go

Mother's Day Gift-To-Go

"I Just Called To Say I Love You"

Figurine is packaged in a hat box, with address book, pencil, small picture frame and a 30 minute phone card.

She will retire May 13, 2001

Moeder2000-Celia.jpg (23489 bytes)

Cecilia, the mother's Day figurine for 2000. Includes tin and sachet.

She will retire May 14th, 2000


Mum2000-KRJM.jpg (20359 bytes)


Mum2000.jpg (13595 bytes)

Katie, Renee, Jessica and Matthew

"I'm Surrounded By Hugs"

Limited to stores attending the Enesco Pre-Show

"If A Mum's Love Comes In All Sizes, Yours Has The Biggest of Hearts"

Mother's Day figurine 1999

Retired on May 9, 1999



Expected Mum

"Anxiously Awaiting The Arrival"

Covered Box



Heart Locket

Mum, Maker Of Miracles



Mother's Day Mini's



Lapel Pin and Earrings

Plate Dated 1996



Plate dated 1997

Plate dated 1998

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