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My Teddies

This is a page completely devoted to my favorite figurines, The Cherished TeddiesÓ .

These adorable little bears conquered my heart about five years ago. My collection started with Stacie, the ghost from Halloween. I should have never started with it, because they really have become an addiction. Each month I have to buy at least 6 or 7, or I become very bad tempered.

If you want to see some of them, or all of them, just click

All of the Cherished Teddies

If you're interested in viewing a list of the ones I have, just click

My Teddies

 See my Christmas 1999 & 1997 display

  Irmgard's Party (party in Germany on July 11th 1998)

  Ever seen REMBRANDT? Check him out.

 Have you ever seen the spoon?

 Trade Corner

 How to Hide your addiction

 Top Ten Competitors

 It's A Small World After All

 Am I One Of Them?

Enjoy! If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments don't hesitate to email me:

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All Of The Cherished Teddies

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