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New in 2003

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Available in Holland during Event week in October 2003


New in 2002

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Available on November 11th, 2001 at the event in Holland

New in 2001


"My Memories Of You Are Kept In My Heart"

Retired as of 30th of June 2001

NEW in 2000, figurine retires 12/31/2000:


"Cherish The Little Things In Life"

A first exclusive bear for Holland and Belgium: REMBRANDT

This is a white Cherished TeddieÓ that still needs a good paintjob. He was available on the Holland Event day at Rosmalen on October 10 and 11, 1998.

His kit comes with six colors of paint, two brushes a palette and instructions (in Dutch) and a cotton bag saying:

"Paint Your Own Kit"

And a new one in 1999 available at the Rosemont Expo on June 17th and the Dutch Event day October 9th: DUDLEY

Original colors

Painted by Nancy de Ronde-Bühler

Painted by Nancy de Ronde-Bühler

His hands, feet and head are already painted in the tradional colors.

In Holland: when painted you could enter him in a contest and win a REMBRANDT.