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"Wishing You A Lifetime of Shamrocks and Smiles"

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Good Luck

New series from Hamilton:


Irish Blessings

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"Until We Meet Again, May God Hold You In The Palm Of His Hand"


Irish-SunWarmFace.jpg (18030 bytes)


"May The Sun Shine Warm Upon Your Face"

"May The Rain Fall Soft Upon Your Fields"


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Irish-MayRoadRise.jpg (21028 bytes)

"May The Wind Always Be At Your Back"

"May The Road Rise Up To Meet You"

Luck O'Irish series


Irish-LuckInFront-77135.jpg (31147 bytes)


Irish-OurLove-77134.jpg (69372 bytes)

'Luck Is Always Right In Front Of You"

"Our Love Is More Then Luck"


Irish-PotOf Gold-77136.jpg (34602 bytes)


Irish-SongFriendship-77138.jpg (30788 bytes)

"A Pot of Gold is Always Filled with Friendship"

"A Blessed Song For Our Friendship"


Irish-BearyGoodLuck-77137.jpg (37609 bytes)


Irish-LoveNote-77140.jpg (35800 bytes)
"May Your Days be filled with Beary Good Luck" "Sending A Little Love Note To You"

Irish-GoodFortune-77145.jpg (44711 bytes)


Irish-RainbowEnd-77139.jpg (40371 bytes)
"Good Fortune Is Found In A Kind Heart" "At The Rainbow's End You Will Find A Friend"


Irish-comparison-1.jpg (17589 bytes)

Picture for comparison


Irish-comparison-2.jpg (16927 bytes)

Picture for comparison


Murphy.jpg (4847 bytes)


"Your Friendship Is Worth More To Me Then Gold"

image208.jpg (4849 bytes)


"Luck Found Me A Friend In You"


"Luck Found Me A Friend In You"

image210.jpg (5817 bytes)

Maureen, retired 1996

"Lucky Friend"

Irish Blessing

to read the text, click the picture

Kevin, retired 1996

"Good Luck To You"

image213.jpg (5777 bytes)


"I'm Green With Envy For You"


"My Irish Eyes Smile When You're Near"

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A Cherished Irish BlessingA Cherished Irish BlessingA Cherished Irish Blessing

May the road

rise to meet you,

May the wind

be always at your back,

May the sun shine

warm upon your face,

May God hold you

in the palm of his hand.

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