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*Meet Nancy:*

Born: 18th of July 1966 in Belgium, a small Kingdom in Europe.

Given name at Birth: Nancy Etienne Jacqueline

Nickname: Nanny

Daughter of: Jeanne van Immerseel and Frans Bühler

Family: one brother Eddy and one sister Viviane

Pet: dog Goofy, passed away on June 15th 2001 a webpage will be dedicated to him

Picture of Nancy: Click here (our Holiday to France July 1998)

Want to see Nancy some years ago: click here

Hobby's: crafts, etchings, textile painting, sewing, knitting, genealogy. Addiction: icecream, chocolat and Cherished TeddiesÓ

Languages spoken/signed: English, French, Dutch, Sign Language

Favorite food: all kinds of pasta

Favorite drink: tea

Favorite color: blue, purple, pink

Favorite artist: Barbra Streisand

Work: windmills that produce clean energy. Check out where I work: MainWind b.v.

Married : to Donald de Ronde on 17th of September 1993

Picture of Donald: Click here (our holiday to France July 1998)

Donald is crazy about computers and boats. We sold our house and we now live on a boat, a Groninger Boltjalk, built in 1906. Pictures:

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