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Cherished TeddiesÓ related items

A lot of respons is reaching me about this page. You seem to be needing more info, so I will add emailaddresses and addresses wherever possible.

Also check out a list of all the different items that are available. Click here.

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Biederlack Cherished Teddie Throws

"Toy Chest" or "Bear With Patches"

$22.00 each

Outlet Store 001-301-722-3360

now you can download patterns at:

Cherished Teddies Bells, found Walgreen's. There are only four of them, and priced at $5.99 each or 2 for $10.00. The four consist of the Nutcracker, Angel, Bear w/Dangling Mittens and Bear w/Bells.



Love letters

Now you can download patterns at:

Be on the lookout for three new cross stitch books featuring the Cherished Teddies Collection -- all new from Designs by Gloria and Pat.

Cherished Teddies "Sports and Occupations", Vol. 1
Cherished Teddies "Sports and Occupations", Vol. 2
Both books have 20 or more charts, with designs for figures such as Priscilla Ann, Lance, Sierra, Norm, Winfield, Arnold, Dennis, Humphrey, Roy, Chad, and many more... some are figures not yet released. Additionally, look for "Circles of Friends" which has charts for the "Circle of Friends" figure, as well as several individual pictures from all Priscilla Hillman's collectible lines.

Baby Paradise



The Gallery Teddy Bears. They are selling the Cherished Teddies Monthly Friends in four groups of three--Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall for $29.99 per bear. It comes with a home decorative kit (4 seasonal swags, rustic wreath and shelf).

Interested parties can write to:
Gallery Teddy Bears
Bears to Cherish From Ashton-Drake
Office of Gallery Services
1745 South Marshall Drive
Des Plaines, IL 60018-1801

This keychain is going to be a present in your Town Tattler (US only, no "Sister print") news taken from TTT 9th of August

Gwendolyn (Wales)

Pieter (Holland)

Nora (Norway), this link does no longer work, if anyone knows the correct one, please contact me.



This book is also available in a Dutch translation.

Publishers: Aradia:

The Bradford Editions

9303 Wilwaukee Avenue

Niles, IL 60714

All ornaments

True Value


The Tiniest Treasure Around - ENESCO


Alex at Panache

Alex at Panache

Carol's Gifts & Collectibles

Alex at Panache

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