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"Dew Your Part To Color The World"

Musical, tune: Waltz of the Flowers

Cherished Retailers Exclusive March 5, 2005


"Carry A Song In Your Heart And Cherish Friends Along The Way"

Cherished Retailers Exclusive November 2004



Chrissy & Friends

"It's Great When You Have Friends You Can Lean On"

Cherished Retailers Exclusive March 2004

Ltd. to 5.000 pieces

Chrissy and Friends.jpg (49931 bytes)


"You're The Colorful Stuff That Friends Are Made Of"

Cherished Retailers & Signing Tour Limited Edition 2003



"You've Caught My Heart"

Cherished Retailers Fall Exclusive 2003

Ltd. to 5.000 pieces

morgan.jpg (13910 bytes)


"Spring Brings Something New To Love"

Cherished Retailers Exclusive 2003

Ltd. to 10.000 pieces


"A Sweet Friendship Is The Slice Of Life"

Cherished Retailers Exclusive

January 2002

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RetExcl-BevBerthaBethany.jpg (16800 bytes)


Beverly, Bertha & Bethany

"Friends Keep Your Spirit On Its Toes"

Cherished Retailers Exclusive

August 2002


"Sometimes You Just Need A Little Piece And Quiet"

Cherished Retailers Exclusive

February 2002

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AustinAlma.jpg (32557 bytes)

Austin & Alma

"Falling In Love With Cherished Teddies"

Fall Cherished Retailers 

November 17-18, 2001


Limited Edition of 7,500 United States
Limited Edition of 2,500 International


Spring 2001 Cherished Retailers Event Exclusive
May 19-20, 2001

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MimiDarci&Misty.jpg (15175 bytes)

Mimi, Darci & Misty

"There's Always Time For Friends...And A Good Cup Of Tea"

2000 Enesco Fall Retailers Show Exclusive

Stephanie and Melanie

"Tea and Cookies Warm The Soul,
But Close Friends Warm The Heart"

Limited Edition of 10,000 in the USA
Limited Edition of 3,000 International

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Abraham.jpg (14852 bytes)


"Embrace The Earth"

Limited Edition of 7,500.

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