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*International Bear Foundation*

*Stichting Berenbos Rhenen*

This Foundations started five years ago. It's a centre that provides shelter for bears like Mascha, MacKenzie and Bora. Bears that were mutilated and abused. Some are in very poor shape when they arrive here, but with lot of caring and loving, the bears adjust to their new environment and can have a relaxing time for the remainder of their lives.

There are 13 bears in the centre now, mostly dancing bears and circus bears. The Foundation support the work of Dr. Pazhetnov and donates money and goods. There are also regular medical checkups.

You can visit the official website of Stichting Berenbos Rhenen:


Or you can visit the park in Rhenen

You can also write them:

Stichting Berenbos Rhenen

P.O. Box 9

3910 AA Rhenen

Phone: 00 31 (0)317-650200


Thank you, from all the bears in Rhenen.


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