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Show Exclusives

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"Take A Leap Of Faith"

2002 Show Exclusive

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"Colorful Days Are Spent With You"

2001 Show Exclusive

Available at The

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"You're The Bees Knees"

2000 Show Exclusive

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"There's A Patch In My Heart For You"

1999 Show Exclusive

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"Big Hearts Come In Small Packages"

January 1999 Show Esxclusive"

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Katie, Renee, Jessica, Mathhew

"I'm Surrounded By Hugs"

1998 Show Exclusive

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Marty - Miranda - Cole - Tanna

Marty: "I'll Always Be There For You"

Miranda: "No Matter How Blue You Feel, A Hug Can Heal"

Cole: "We've Got A Lot To Be Thankful For"

Tanna: "When Your Hands Are Full, There's Still Room In Your Heart"

Show Exclusives

roytw2.JPG (29915 bytes)Sierratw2.JPG (25266 bytes)

Roy - Sierra

Roy: "I'm Your Country Cowboy"

Sierra: "You're My Partner"

Show Exclusives

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