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The Story Behind The Bears

Did you know that Priscilla has donated ALL of her royalties and proceeds on several philanthropic pieces? These include Faye (American Cancer Society), Abraham (Nature Conservancy), Booker and Fletcher (St. Judes) and many more. Wow! Combined with Enesco's contributions toward many of these causes and of course the Cherished Teddies collector's very unselfish nature, a lot of money has been donated to places that really matter. How wonderful the Cherished Teddies collectors have been about getting behind such great philanthropic causes. The St. Jude pin-up program alone raised over $200,000 dollars (2000), and that doesn't count the money raised by auctions, etc. held by local club chapters and others.

Achter de schermen-Nathan.jpg (16977 bytes)Nathan

This is a story about how one special Cherished Teddies figurine has touched the lives of me and my family.

It was a beautiful autumn day on October 24, 1998, with the golden and brown leaves blanketing the ground. My beloved 9-year-old nephew, Nathan Paul Schlatter, was out riding a 4-wheeler with some friends. Suddenly, the unthinkable happened - Nathan pulled out in front of a truck and was tragically killed.

That evening at home, I happened to pull out my Nathan figurine. I read the bottom and it said "Leave Your Worries Behind."The message and the piece stood for just how Nathan was - young and care-free. I know that he would want us to "leave our worries behind" and try to move on.

So now everyone in my family has a Nathan figurine proudly displayed in their homes.Every time we look at it, we are reminded of our lost little one and how much he, and this figurine, means to us.

Sincerely, Lori Cortez

NathanSchlatter.jpg (16126 bytes)


CAN-Jana.jpg (5394 bytes)JANA & JOELCAN-Joel.jpg (6004 bytes)

I met Priscilla at an event here in Canada hosted by a store called Candies Of Merritt.  I got to meet her to sign some pieces for my children. When you get to see her you can submit names.   I was naming everyone I know when finally my friend said: "Your's is unusual Jana", pronounced Yana. It is a popular name in Czech Republic where I was born.  Priscilla perked up and said: "That is pretty". A few months later there was Jana.
Furthermore she made it a Canadian Exclusive and she got it right down to the dress I owed when I was a child.
The other exclusive is inspired by another Canadian couple. They have always wanted Joel for their grandson, so she finally made a pair and they got their wish too.
So the story behind Jana and Joel is that they were truly Canadian inspired pieces event though there are US versions.

 Jana.jpg (5913 bytes)  Joel.jpg (10991 bytes)

 I am very happy to have met her and to be honoured to have made enough of an impression to get a teddy that quick. Some people ask forever.  I also do sent her a christmas card each christmas.  

Thank you Jana to have shared your story with us.

jana 2.jpg (32050 bytes)



My husband Blair and myself went to Rosemont for the first time in 1999.  It was great fun and we met a lot of customers that we had sold to through our web site.  When it was time to meet with Priscilla to have our pieces signed we were very excited.  Priscilla was very sweet, she made everyone feel at ease and was always smiling.  I loved her immediately and when it was our turn to get our pieces signed, she made us feel as if we had known her for years.
The following year, we returned to Rosemont and of course we had pieces signed again.  To our amazement Priscilla recognized us and gave us lots of hugs.  We took pictures and chatted and it was a great visit.  In 2000 when we went back to Rosemont, Glenn was accompanying Priscilla and we met him also.  Once again Priscilla recognized us and gave us hugs and so did Glenn.  Priscilla seemed to have taken quite a shine to Blair, she was waving to him and hugging him whenever we saw her.  Not to be outdone, I got my hugs from Glenn.
In 2001 when we met with Priscilla and Glenn again, she told us that she was going to make a bear for Blair, he was thrilled and was waiting in anticipation for it to be produced.  In 2002 we went to Rosemont and Atlanta and met with Priscilla and Glenn at both shows.  By this time, we had become good friends.  In the same year Priscilla and Glenn came to Ontario, Canada for a signing.  Blair was unable to attend, but I drove down there to see them and Blair sent Priscilla one red rose and said that she would get the other 11 red roses the next time he saw her.
In 2002 at Rosemont, Priscilla told us that there would not be a bear called Blair.  Of course we were disappointed, but then she said, "there won't be a Blair bear, because I have made a Marilyn & Blair bear instead"  We were overjoyed, it was a wonderful surprise and we couldn't wait to see it.  Priscilla said to Blair, "I believe you owe me 11 of something" and Blair laughed and said "yes, I know".  At the end of the signing times Blair presented Priscilla with the other 11 red roses and I gave the 12th one to Glenn.
We will be disappointed that we will not see them at Rosemont this year because we will not be attending, but we do all keep in touch.  We are looking forward to seeing them again in 2004.

Thank you Marilyn for sharing your story

Mem-Genevieve.jpg (19166 bytes) GENEVIEVE

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places - while driving to work, during a daydream or even in your own garden.

Glenn Hillman used his mother's backyard garden as inspiration for creating one of the most unique and detailed Membears' Only Figurines The Cherished Teddies Club has ever offered.

This unique piece features Genevieve relaxing with a book and a cup of tea beneath a wisteria-covered trellis. Glenn recalls "The Genevieve Club Piece is inspired by a wisteria-covered arbor in the back of our garden. My mother waited years for the wisteria to bloom, so I commemorated the moment by depicting her reading her favorite books (on gardening, of course) under the arbor surrounded by the birds nesting in the birdhouse."

Priscilla-Glenn.jpg (17535 bytes)

This story is taken out of The Town Tattler Issue 3, 2002 Volume III

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KarenJeff.jpg (18176 bytes) KAREN & JEFF

In support of the Scleroderma Research Foundation, Cherished Teddies Artist Priscilla Hillman created Karen and Jeff "Sometimes The Road Can Be Bumpy,So Just Keep Pedaling Away"

This piece was created in honor of TTT Members Karen and Jeff Hamilton who established the “Official Bicycle Team of the Scleroderma Research Foundation” that has traveled thousands of miles throughout the world to raise awareness and funds for this semi-rare disease. Enesco will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece to the cause, and artist Priscilla Hillman will be donating all of her royalties.

KarenJeffHamilton1.jpg (29159 bytes)

To read more about Karen and Jeff Hamilton and the Care Bears Team, please be sure to visit their website!!

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mattvick.jpg (7792 bytes) MATT & VICKY

We were the couple from New York who were engaged to be married on June 22,1996, the day of the Cherished Teddies Engagement Event for Kurtis and Hillary. Through a friends store we got the bear suit from Enesco and I proposed to my wife. 

MV-proposal.jpg (26700 bytes) MV-Weddingpicture.jpg (25724 bytes)

A short time later we met Priscilla at a signing event and gave her a copy of a magazine that did a story on it. She said she had heard the story from Enesco (they did a little mention on it in the town tattler) and was thrilled to meet us. We then met her again a few months later at the Collectible Expo in New Jersey and she told us about a new piece she designed for US! We were so excited, she described as two bears sitting in a swan shaped boat, like the tunnel of love, but she said they were having trouble producing it and may have to change it to the two bears sitting on the swan. 

Since then we received a card from Priscilla for our wedding and we have received Christmas cards from her, meeting her really shows why we all love her little bears so much. 

Thanks for your time, Matt & Vicki Coiro

Thank you Matt & Vicky for sharing your story!

SB-Delight.jpg (23993 bytes) DELIGHT

I attended the Expo event here in the US in 2000 and stood in line to have Priscilla Hillman sign my Tasha figurine for me. I asked her if she would sign it "to Delight" since that is my name. She very politely told me that she does not personalize figurines but she did sign her name on it. She then asked me if my name was indeed "Delight"? I told her yes and she told her assistant seated next to her to write my name down. 

About a year and half later I attended a Regional event in Las Vegas, and during our seminar of upcoming new bears, the Snowbear "Delight" was shown on the screen. I was so shocked I cried!! I couldn't believe that Priscilla had actually named a bear for me! I then wrote a letter to Priscilla Hillman and asked her if she could possibly help me obtain the prototype of the Delight snowbear since she had named it for me, it would be so neat to have the first one. I didn't hear back from her and completely forgot that I had even written to her. About two weeks before Christmas this past year, I received a box marked Enesco. I hadn't ordered anything so I couldn't imagine what was inside. When I opened the box, on top was a Christmas card and the card was made out to me: 

"Dear Delight, thank you so much for the nice letter. I did indeed name the Delight snowbear for you. Please enjoy her with my compliments. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Bear Hugs, Priscilla Hillman."

I dug down farther in the box and there wrapped very carefully was the "first sample" prototype of my Delight snowbear! Needless to say I was in tears! I could not believe it. She even personalized it to me! I was so happy and grateful that she would take the time to make me that happy. I immediately sent her back a very nice thank you card and at some point in the future, I plan on attending another event where she will be so I can thank her in person.

dee1.jpg (6565 bytes)

Thank you Delight Banchero for sharing your story! 

She and her husband own two businesses: Bancheros Glass Etching and Palms Northwest. Both have websites: and

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CM-Krista.jpg (16515 bytes) KRISTA

Back in 1997(?), Krista and I drove up to Denver for a Priscilla Hillman signing event.  While we were  waiting, the Enesco folks handed out pages for the kids to draw their own Cherished Teddies picture.  Krista drew the picture (colors and all) almost exactly as it has been created.  She drew a picture of a little bear in a running outfit because she is an avid Track Athlete.  In fact, the shoes on the figurine are a match to the first track shoes she ever had.  She put the words No Pain No Gain on the page because that is what her coach would tell her.  When it was our turn to see Priscilla, Krista gave her the picture and Priscilla told Glenn to put it in her purse.

I had been asking for a long time to have a piece named after my daughter.In 2001, Krista and I attended the Rosemont Expo together.  When we finally got to see Priscilla and Glenn, Priscilla jumped out of her chair and gave Krista the Artist Sample of the Krista figurine.  She had already signed to for her!!

Since Krista drew the picture she has gone on to claim State Championship in High Jump in her age group.  She also now holds the city record in Triple Jump and this year is competing for the Triple and Long Jump National Championships

Thank you Vivienne and Krista for sharing this story!

Krista is the daughter of Vivienne Wiltberger, owner of The Teddies Trader website.

KristaWiltberger.jpg (24956 bytes)

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"An Angel's Touch Is Never Far Away". This has to be one of the sweetest figurines ever. Created by Priscilla Hillman as a loving tribute to her dear friend and Cherished Teddies collector, Fay Rotundo, the figurine will be a special edition launched February 15, 2001.

Fay, a dear friend to many fellow TTT Members, lost her battle with cancer in 1999. This fitting tribute has been created to honor her fight. "An Angel's Touch Is Never Far Away" will retail for $22.50 with proceeds benefiting American Cancer Society, and will be available to your retailers in August 2001

Thanks so much to Rita Weber for sharing this story!

Our local Club (Cherished Friends of Hugabear Hill of Grafton, WI) Membears, Dennis and Barbara Thompson shared Barbara's love of bears. Whenever they would travel together, which was often, they would not take the direct route or the freeway, and preferred to take the side roads to their destination and stop along the way at gift shops and seek Cherished Teddies. They enjoyed this activity, especially during their favorite time of year Fall. Unfortunately, Barbara lost her battle with cancer a few years ago (I think in May 1998). To honor his wife and to help women with the similar female-related cancer Barbara had, Dennis established the Barbara Thompson Cancer Research Memorial Fund for cancer research at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Because Dennis and Barbara were a special part of our Club, our Membears wanted to help. Dennis gave us two hard-to-find Cherished Teddies, Teddy and Roosevelt and Courtney, then our Club sold raffle tickets. At Rosemont that year, I brought these two figurines to the early morning signings and asked Priscilla to sign them. While she signed them, I shared this Dennis and Barbara story with her. Priscilla was so touched by this couple and their story, she said she would make a figurine about them. I asked her to make it a Fall piece since this was their favorite time of year.

At the Las Vegas regional last year, we saw the line art during one of the seminars. You can imagine my delight and the goosebumps when I saw their story come to life as a Cherished Teddie! I think I even provided a caption/theme similar to the one on the figurine.

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CAMERON1.JPG (7503 bytes)


"Our Friendship Is Building With Each New Adventure"

Do you know how Cameron got his name? And what the piece represents?

Cameron is named after the Canadian Enesco Distributor, NC Cameron. The figurine itself is a teddie out for a hike who happens upon a Canadian Beaver building a dam. The Canadian Beaver was chosen to represent the beaver shown in the 5 cent Canadian Coin.

Surrounding Cameron and the little beaver are ten different flowers each representing the 10 Provincial Flowers of Canada.

 Starting with the flower in the back and going clockwise: 

Nova Scotia-Pink Mayflower

British Columbia-Dogwood

Newfoundland-Pitcher Plant

Alberta-Wild Rose

New Brunswick-Purple Violet

Price Edwards Island - Lady's slipper-Cypripedium acaule

Ontario-White Trillium

Saskatchewan-Orange-red lily "prairie lily"

Quebec-White garden Lily

Manitoba-Anemone patens "prairie crocus"


Want to see these flowers:


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