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IssacJeremiahTemperance.jpg (8862 bytes)

Issac, Jeremiah and Temperance

"Faith In Our Fathers"

Miles.jpg (6156 bytes)

Prudence.jpg (5712 bytes)

Miles, retired 10/31/98

"I'm Thankful For A Friend Like You"

Prudence, retired 10/31/98

"A Friend To Be Thankful For"

Jedediah.jpg (5516 bytes)

Patience.jpg (6774 bytes)

Jedediah, retired 1997

"Giving Thanks For Friends"

Patience, retired 1997

"Happiness Is Homemade"

Phoebe.jpg (5825 bytes)

Wylie.jpg (6148 bytes)

Phoebe, retired 1995

"A Little Friendship Is A Big Blessing"

Wylie, retired 31/10/98

"I'm Called Little Friend"

Winona.jpg (5572 bytes)

Wyatt.jpg (5500 bytes)

Winona, retired 1997

"Little Fair Feather Friend"

Wyatt, retired 10/31/98

"I'm Called Little Running Bear"

Willie.jpg (5508 bytes)

Quilt.jpg (5480 bytes)

Willie, retired 1997

"Bears Of A Feather Stay Together"

Quilt, retired 1998

BuckyBrenda.jpg (5776 bytes)

Buckey, retired 1995

"How I Love Being Friends With You"

Brenda, retired 1995

"How I Love Being Friends With You"

ThanksgivingTable.jpg (5259 bytes)

We Bear Thanks

Thanksgiving Prayer Plaque

if you want to read the text, click the picture

We Bear Thanks, retired 1997

Thanksgiving Table With Food

Dina.jpg (5706 bytes)

John.jpg (6257 bytes)

Dina, retired 1997

"Bear In Mind, You're Special"

John, retired 1997

"Bear In Mind, You're Special"

Rick.jpg (6262 bytes)

Barbara.jpg (6127 bytes)

Rick, retired 1997

"Suited Up For The Holidays"

Barbara, retired 1997

"Giving Thanks For Our Family"

*Thanksgiving Prayer Plaque*

Family and friends are always there

To share blessings of love and care

So at this special time of year

We bear thanks for those so dear

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