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Title Figurine
25 years To Treasure Together 25 years
A Baby Fills The Empty Space In Every Heart Babs
A Basketful Of Wishes Henrietta
A Beary Christmas And A Happy New Year ! Mrs. Cratchit
A Beary Special Groom To Be Groom
A Big Brother To Look Up To Brother figurine
A Big Hug From A Little Friend, Antique Toy Set Cow with Teddie
A Big Sister Is Always There To Help Sister figurine
A Big Step To Start You On Your Way Teaghan
A Bouquet Of Blessings Of You Jasmine
A Bundle Of Joy From Heaven Above Billie
A Cold Winter's Day Won't Keep Me Away Nikki
A Cup Full Of Cheer Marilyn
A Cup Full Of Friendship Madeline
A Cup Full Of Love Margaret
A Cup Of Homemade Love Holly
A Dash Of Love Sweetens Any Day! Matthew
A Dash Of Love To Warm Your Heart Pamela & Grayson
A Day In The Park Julie
A Decade Of Teddie Bear Love 10 years
A Farming We Will Go Howard
A Father Guides With Love Father figurine
A Father Is The Bearer Of Strength Dad
A Father's Love Never Lets You Down Dad-2005
A First Class Delivery For You Tony
A Friend Always Knows When You Need A Hug Katie
A Friend Is An Answered Prayer, Antique Toy Set Lamb with Teddie
A Friend Is Forever Timothy
A Friend Is Somebunny To Cherish Forever Jenelle
A Friend Is Someone Who Reaches For Your Hand And Touches Your Heart Norbit & Nyla
A Friend To Be Thankful For Prudence
A Gift From My Heart Olivia
A Gift Of My Love Oliver
A Gift To Behold Baby Boy/Girl
A Girl With Style Evelyn
A Good Friendship Is Always Worth Protecting Bobby
A Handmade Holiday Wish Lynn
A Haunting We Will Go Milt & Garrett
A Holiday Gift For You, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
A Hug Is Worth A Thousand Words, A Friend Is Worth More Rosemary & Ronald
A Journey With You Is One To Remember, Antique Toy Set Bear On Cart
A Kind Heart Is The Best Gift Tim
A Kiss Under The Mistletoe, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
A Lifetime Of Friendship…A Trunk Full Of Memories Wilfred
A Little Boy Is A Gift To Cherish Little Boy figurine
A Little Friendship Is A Big Blessing Phoebe
A Little Friendship To Share Bobbie
A Litte Girl Is A Gift To Cherish Little Girl figurine
A Little Holiday R & R Santa
A Love As Special As Ours Is Meant To Be Cherished, Carlton Exclusive Love
A Moment To Always Cherish Olivia
A Mother Gives Grom Her Heart Mother figurine
A Mother's Heart Is Full Of Love Jessica
A Mum's Love Bears All Things ?
A New Year With Old Friends Jack
A Night Before Christmas, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
A Picture Perfect Friendship Sylvia
A Picture Is A Memory You Can Cherish Forever Luke
A Season Filled With Sweetness Steven
A Special Friends Warms The Season Mary
A Special Recipe For Our Friendship Missy, Cookie & Riley
A Splash Of Springtime Is Simply Heaven Corinna
A Sprinkle Of Love Makes Your Heart Grow Clarissa
A Sprinkling Of Fairy Dust Will Make You Feel Better Wanda
A Star To Light Your Way, 2001 Bradford Edition Angel ornament
A Sweet Friendship Is The Slice Of Life Londa
A Sweet Starlet With A Hometown Heart Julia Bearon
A Treat For Mum Mother's Day
A Warm Heart Hatches The Most Love Susannah
A Woman's Work Is Never Done Pauline
ABC and 1-2-3, You're A Friend To Me! Linda
Absence Makes Friendships Grow Stronger Navy
Add A Little Hocus Pocus To Every Halloween Griselda
Adventure Is Just Around The Corner Homer & Friend
Aiming For Your Heart Elisa & Reggie
All Aboard The Santa Express Lionel
All Paths Lead To Kindness And Friendship Sven & Liv
All The Colors Of The Rainbow Couldn't Compare To You Penelope & Tricia
Always Best Friends At Heart Lenor & Blanche
Always Paws For Holiday Treats Rich
Always Put Your Best Paw Forward, AVON Graduate Bear
Always Snow Much Fun With You Randy & Jill
An Angel To watch Over You Celeste
An Autumn Breeze Blows Blessings To Please Cathy
An Old-Fashioned Noel, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
An Oldie But Goodie Dave
And A Very Merry Christmas To You Mr. Scrooge Bear Cratchit
And The North Wind Shall Blow Buddy
Angels Snow How To Fly Carol
Anxiously Awaiting The Arrival Marjolijn
Anything Is Possible When You Wish On A Star Winfield
Are We There Yet? Rob, Rose, Rita & Rodney
Arriving With Love And Care Brooke
Arriving With Love And Care Bianca
Awaiting The Arrival Baby in Cradle
Away In A Manger Elijah
Autumn Brings A Season Of Thanksgiving Hannah
Bah Humbug ! Ebearnezer Scrooge
Be Mine Phoebe
Be Mine Cupid Bear
Be My Bow Cupid Bear
Be My Little Hunny Bee Belinda
Be The Apple Of My Eye Kelsie
Bear  Hugs Beth
Bear In Mind, You're Special Dina
Bear In Mind, You're Special John
Bear Tidings To You Eric
Bearer Of Good Tidings Klaus
Bears Of A Feather Stay Together Willie
Beary Christmas Baby in Basket
Beary Happy Wishes Nina
Beary Special One Kyra
Beautiful And Bearly Blushing Bride
Bee' My Friend Bea
Being Eight Is Really Great Age 8
Being Nine Is Really Fine Age 9
Being Surrounded By My Favorite Things Always Makes Things Better Drew
Being Your Friend Is My Favorite Pastime Roberta
Best Buddy Karen
Big Hearts Come In Small Packages Kayla
Blessings Bloom When You Are Near Violet
Blessings From Above, 2001 Bradford Edition Angel ornament
Born To Shop Liz
Brave Americans, One and All Madison
Bring Joy To Those You Hold Dear Ralph
Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble Giselle, Gertrude & Glenda
Bubbling Over With Love Betty
Bubbling With Anticipation For The Celebration Blaire Bairy
Building A Sturdy Friendship Yule
Bundle Up With Love For Christmas Rhonda
Bundled Up For The Holidays Bears in sled
Bundled-Up With Warm Wishes Ingrid
By Land Or By Sea, Let's Go - Just You And Me Glenn
Bye, Bye, Bunting, I'll Wrap You In My Love Bunting
Can I Be Your Football Hero ? Butch
Can't Bear The Cold Without You, AVON Jerome
Can't Bear To See You Under The Weather ?
Can't Wait Till Summer, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
Carry A Song In Your Heart And Cherish Friends Along The Way Kerry
Catch A Falling Snowflake, Bradford Editions 1999 Swing Ornament
Catching The First Blooms Of Friendship Gail
Celebrate Family, Friends and Tradition Sanford
Celebrate Life, Love And Friendship Everyday Kurt and Brody
Celebrating Spring With You Henry
Celebrating Their Dedicated Love And Happiness Hilary & Kurtis
Chalking Up Six Wishes Julian
Charting The Heavens With You Kathy & Ken
Cherish The Joy Treasury Ornament
Cherish The King Mini Nativity
Cherish The Little Things In Life, Paint Your Own Lacey
Cherish The Little Things Alex
Cherish This Birthday Forever 18th Birthday
Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today Star
Cherished Gift, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
Cherished Memories Never Fade Lauren
Cherished Your Spirit Willow
Child Of Hope Younger Son
Child Of Kindness Younger Daughter
Child Of Love Older Daughter
Child Of Pride Older Son
Chuggin' Along Thomas
Circle Of Love Circle Of Friends
Clock Tea Time
Clowning Around Palmer & Charlene
Collecting Cherished Friends Along The Way The Collector
Color Me Five Whitley
Colorful Days Are Spent With You Rosemary & Ronald
Come Fly With Me Lance
Come Play With Me, Pirates We Will Be Garret
Come To Neverland With Me Brett
Consider Yourself Hugged & Kissed Agatha
Count On A Frightful Halloween Derek
Count To Ten… And Celebrate! Age 10
Courage Comes From Within Leo
Covered box Katrien
Covered With Kindness, Hamilton Claire
Cozy Tea For Two Thelma
Cozy Warm Wishes Coming Your Way Alice
Cradled With Love Benjamin
Cup Full Of Joy Jordan
Cup Full Of Love JoAnn
Cup Full Of Peace Jean
Curling Up With A Good Book Is My Favorite Pastime Alexis
Dear Santa, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
Decorating The Holidays With Happiness Knut
Der Glucksbringer Felix
Dew Your Part To Color The World Meribeth (Musical)
Don't Let It Get you Down Lorraine
Don't Worry, It's Just Another Little Bump In The Road Jerrod
Enjoy The Simple Comforts Of Life Ron
Enjoy Your Friends, They're The Refreshments Of Life Dewey
Even If We Don't See Eye To Eye, We're Always Heart To Heart Ruth & Gene
Even Though We're Far Apart You'll Always Have A Place In My Heart Kyle
Every Bunny Needs A Friend Melissa
Every Friend Is A Cherished Gift Blake
Every Journey Begins With One Step Charissa & Ashylynn
Every Once In A While There's A Bump In The Road Dawn
Everyone Has Their Old Friends To Hug Joseph
Everyone Is A Bear's Best Friend Junior
Everyone Needs A Cuddle Billy
Everyone Needs A Little Help Learning To Fly Ariel
Everyone Needs An Occoassional Hug, Antique Toy Set Bear On Bunny
Everything's Coming Up Roses Rose
Everything Pails In Comparison To Friends Gregg
Ewe Are The Most Wonderful Friend Deidre, Delilah & Timothy
Ewe Make Being Friends Special Nativity Sheep
Faith Of Our Fathers Issac, Jeremiah, Temperance
Falling For You Pat
Feel The Peace…Hold The Joy…Share The Love Olga
Finding The Path To Your Heart Harvey & Gigi
First Step To Love Betsey
Fly The Flag Of Friendship Everyday Martha
Follow Your Heart Wherever It Takes You, Antique Toy Set Bear Sitting On Boat
For Christmas Give Your Love Maria (Snowbear)
Forever Yours, Forever True ?
Four Score And Seven Years Ago, We Became Best Friends Lincoln
Friends Always Hell Pull You Through Marge & Nell
Friends Are Always Pulling For You Erica
Friends Are Always Welcome Into My Heart Sammie
Friends Are Bear Essentials Tonya
Friends Are Egg-Ceptional Blessings Donald
Friends Are Never Far Apart Beth & Blossom
Friends Are Never Far Apart Beth & Blossom w. butterfly
Friends Are The Best Cure For The Winter Blues Bradley
Friends Are The Fun Part Of Life Don
Friends Are The Thread That Holds The Quilt Of Life Together Elmer & Friends
Friends Are There To Comfort Eachother Dora & Ronald
Friends Are There When You Swing And Miss Callie
Friends Come In All Sizes Theadore, Samantha & Tyler
Friends Forever Near Or For Bertie
Friends From The Start Bryton
Friends Give The Warmest Hugs Sissy, Brandy, Jada & Friend
Friends Give You Wings To Fly Teddy
Friends In Toyland Hans
Friends Keep You Out Of The Rough Marjorie
Friends Lift You Up When You're Down Ellie
Friends Like You Are Always True Jillynne
Friends Like You Are Always True Blue Bill
Friends Like You Are Precious And Few Jeremy
Friends Like You Are Precious And Thrue The Nativity Camel
Friends Never Steer You Wrong Roxanne
Friends Of A Feather Flock Together Mother Goose
Friends Of Old Are Dear To Hold Tanner
Friends Were Meant For Times Like These Louise
Friendship Blooms With Loving Care Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
Friendship Blossoms With Love Daisy
Friendship Can Sometimes Be Bumpy, But It's Worth It Spanky
Friendship Gives Your Life Good Balance Timberle
Friendship Is A Cozy Feeling Michelle & Michael
Friendship Is A Special Treat Marie
Friendship Is A Work Of Art Anthony
Friendship Is Always On The Menu Dee Dee
Friendship Is In Bloom May
Friendship Is In The Air, Kite with tail Mark
Friendship Is More Then Just Luck Pat
Friendship Is My Goal Brandon
Friendship Is More Than 9 To 5 Terry
Friendship Is The Perfect End To The Holidays Casey
Friendship Keeps Me On My Toes Mindy
Friendship Keeps You Popping Shelby
Friendship Makes It All Better Laura
Friendship Never Melts Away Mitch
Friendship Pops Up Everywhere Leslie
Friendship Pulls Us Through Nativity Donkey
Friendship Softens A Bumpy Ride Molly
Friendship Weathers All Storms Theodore, Samantha & Tyler
From Big To Small, Our Family Has It All Adam, Claire & Kristy
From My Heart Cupid Bear
From My Heart To Yours Victoria
From Sea To Shining Sea, You Are The One For Me! Gregory
Gather Friendships Like Blossoms Flo
Gathering The Blooms Of Friendship Jennifer
Ghostly Greetings Cassandra
Gifts Of Friendship Last The Longest Suzy
Giving Thanks For Friends Jedediah
Giving Thanks For Our Family Barbara
Glory To The New Born King Grace
God Bless Us Everyone Tiny Ted-Bear
Going My Way For The Holidays James
Good Friends Are A Blessing Chelsea
Good Friends Are Always Beary Near Marlene & Marissa
Good Friends Are Always By Your Side Brent
Good Friends Are Hard To Find Sherlock
Good Friends Warm The Heart With many Blessings Paul
Good Luck To You Kevin
Good Night - Sleep Tight Wee Willie Winkle
Grandma Is God's Special Gift Grandma
Grandma's Share Lots of Love Grandma
Grandpa Is God's Special Gift Grandpa
Grandpa's Share Lots Of Love Grandpa
Great Friendships Makes A Soldier Stand Tall Army
Growing Better Each Year Scott
Hamilton production Camille's Quilt Shop
Handsewn Holidays Meri
Hang On! We're In For A Wonderful Ride" Crystal
Happiness Is Homemade Patience
Happy Holidays, Deer Friend Beth RR
Happy Holidays, Friend Denise
Hark The Herald Angels Sing Stormi
Harvest Everything You Can Out Of Life Chester
He Knows If You've Been Bad Or Good Colin
Heading Into The Holidays With Deer Friends Kirby
Heart To Heart Cupid Bear
Hearts Quilted With Love Amy
Heaven Has Blessed This Day, AVON Boy
Heaven Has Blessed This Day, AVON Girl
Helping Others Is The Best Job In The World Jim
Helping Others Is The Best Part Of My Job, AVON Paula
Here's Some Cheer To Last The Year Amanda
Ho, Ho, Ho, - To The Holidays We Go ! Nick
Hogs And Kisses To My Beary Best Friend Marsha & Pinky
Hold On For The Ride Of Your Life Dustin and Austin
Hold On Tight For Life's Fast Flight Lana
Hold On To The Past, But Look To The Future Sawyer & Friends
Holding Onto Someone Special C.A.P
Holiday Cuddles Sonja
Holiday Snocones, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
Holiday Treats, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
Home Is Where The Heart Is Home Is Where The Heart Is
Home Sweet Country Home Suzanne
Home Sweet Home Clark Addison
Hooray For USA Samuel
Hooray For You Anna
Hoping To Be A Winner In The Game Of Love Wade Weathersbee
How I Love Being Friends With You Brenda
How I Love Being Friends With You Buckey
Hugs & Kisses Jacki
Hugs Of Love And Friendship Kristen
Hurray! It's Your Birthday Birhtday Bear Carlton Cards Excl.
I Am The Queen Queen
I Brought The Star Angie
I Can't Bear To Be Apart From You Doreen
I Can't Bear To Be Without You Jonah
I Cherish Every Moment Spent With You Gus & Gerhild
I Cherish Your Bear Hugs Diana
I Couldn't Bear To Be Without Ewe April
I Found A Friend In Ewe Charity
I Found An Amigo In You Carlos
I Found My Prince In You Christina
I Just Called To Say I Love You Mum with Teacup
I Just Called To Say I Love You Doris
I Know How To Take Care Of Business Corey
I Love Hugs, 1999 Abbey Press Exclusive Hugs
I Love You Just The Way You Are Mandy
I Love You Plaque
I Picked The Beary Best For You Diane
I Said A Christmas Prayer For You, Abbey Press Christmas Plaque
I Scored A Strike When I Met You Bryce
I Spy Hope For The Future Dillon
I Want To Be A Rough Rider Too! Wes
I Want You… To Be My Friend Sam
I Will Always Keep You Safe And Protected Inspector Yukon
I'd Be Lost Without You Camille
I'd Jumo Through Hoops For You Lyndon
I'd Stand Watch For You Morning, Noon And Night Constable MacKenzie
I'd Stick My Neck Out For You Flossie
If A Mum's Love Comes In All Sizes, Your Has The Biggest Of Hearts Mother's Day figurine
If Friends Were Flowers, I'd Pick You Summer
I'll Always Be By Your Side Mary Had A Little Lamb
I'll Always Be There For Moo MacDonald & Bessie
I'll Always Be There For You Marty
I'll Always Be There To Catch You When You Fall Trayton & Gabriella
I'll Cherish You For Many Moons Cody
I'll Give You A Hand Through Surf And Sand Sheela
I'll Keep You Beary Safe Mouse King
I'll Play My Drum For You Ronnie
I'll Play My Little Drum For You Drummer Boy
I'm A Beary Lucky Groom, Hamilton Groom Figurine
I'm Always Good For A Soft Cuddle And A Warm Hug Jill
I'm All Washed Up Without You Jane
I'm All Wrapped Up In Your Love Jamie & Ashley
I'm Batty Over You Barry
I'm Busy As A Bee Every Day Of The Week Bert
I'm Called Little Friend Wylie
I'm Called Little Running Bear Wyatt
I'm Green With Envy For You Ryan
I'm Head Over Skis For You Spencer
I'm Looking Out For You, 2001 Bradford Edition Angel ornament
I'm Lost Down Under Without You Bazza
I'm Never Afraid With You At My Side Little Miss Muffet
I'm Only A Hop, Skip And A Jump Away If You Need Me Melinda
I'm Plum Happy You're My Friend Little Jack Horner
I'm Santa's Little Helper Rodney
I'm So Hoppy You're My Friend, Abbey Press Trudy
I'm Surrounded By Hugs Katie, Renee, Jessica & Matthew
I'm Surrounded By Special Friends, Abbey Press Exclusive Esther
I'm Surrounded By Special Friends Harvey
I'm Sweet On You Mike
I'm Sweet On You Boy Valentine
I'm Thankful For A Friend Like You Miles
I'm The Ghost Of Christmas Past Gloria
I'm The Ghost Of Christmas Present Garland
I'm The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come Gabriel
I'm Warm And Cozy Over You Loretta
I'm Wrapping Up A Little Holiday Joy To Send Your Way Margy
I'm Your Bathing Beauty Judy
I'm Your Country Cowboy Roy
In Grandmother's Attic Tasha
Inside We're All The Same Abigail
In The Meadow We Can Built A Snowman Merry
It Only Takes A Wee Bit Of Friendship To Warm The Heart Callum
It Takes Time To Build A Great Relationship Madison
It's A Holiday On Ice Adam
It's Great When You Have Friends You Can Lean On Chrissy & Friends
It's Moments Like These Are Meant To Be Cherished Mother's Day figurine 2002
It's Not The Size Of The Friend, But The Size Of The Heart Baxter and Friend
It's Snoball Without You Mack & Mallory
It's So Merry Going Round With You Virginia
It's Those Cherished Times That Make The Sweetest Memories Priscilla & Clara
It's Twice As Nice With You Nathaniel & Nellie
I've Always Believed In You Simone & Jhodi
I've Always Cherished Your Love And Guidance Father's Day figurine 2002
I've Always Wanted To Be Just Like You June & Jean
I've Got A Notion To Give You A Potion Hazel
I've Got The Most Important Job! Ring Bearer
I've Never Been More Proud Of You Than I Am Today Ernestine & Regina
I've Packed My Trunk And I'm Ready To Go Ivan
I've Written A Special Note Just For You Josh
Joy To The World Felicia
Just Clowning Around Dudley
Just In Time For Spring Bunny
Just Like Us Our Friendship Will Grow Amber
Just The Bear Essentials Kendra
Just The Bear Facts Ma'am Humphrey
Keep Good Friends Close To Your Heart, Antique Toy Set Boy with Teddie
Keepin' A Watchful Eye On You Gordon
Kiss The Hurt And Make It Well ?
Laughter Is The Best Medicine Jeanette
Leave Your Worries Behind Nathan
Let Eart Proclaim It's Piece Emma
Let Heaven And Nature Sing Rebecca
Let It Snow, Let It Snow Frosty & Aurora
Let Me Call You Sweetheart Alma & Austin
Let's Be Friends Douglas
Let's Celebrate Let's Celebrate
Let's Go To The Hop! Tammy
Let's Hear It For Friendship Debbie
Let's Play Two Ernie
Let's Ride Throug Life Together Benny
Let Winter Friends Warm Your Heart Randall
Life Is Filled With Ups And Downs Calvin
Life Is Smooth Sailing With You Coast Guard
Life Is So Much S'mire With You Dana
Life Is Sweet, Enjoy Benji
Life Keeps It On The Move Robin
Like A Snowflake, You're One Of A Kind Ian
Like Graphes On The Vine, Our Friendship Is Divine Sophia
Like The Winds That Blow The Mills, Our Friendship Is Forever Jan
Lilies Bloom With Petals Of Hope Lily
Little Boy Blue Come Blow Your Horn Boy Blue
Little Lambs Are In My Care Sammy
Little Fair Feather Friend Winona
Look Out Snow! Here We Go! Brian
Looking For A Friend Like You Little Bo Beep
Looks Like Trouble Is Just Around The Corner Ernest & Bugsy
Love Bears All Things Robbie & Rachel
Love Fans A Beautiful Friendship Machiko
Love Grows In My Heart Ella
Love Is A Bear Necessity Logan
Love Is A Bear Necessity Logan
Love Is The Beary Best Bedtime Story Jude
Love Is The Best Thing Two Can Share Matt & Vicky
Love Keeps Me Afloat Robert
Love Me Tender Millie
Love Me True Dorothy
Love Only Gets Better With Age Joe
Love Repairs All Joshua
Love Spans All Nations Desiree, Karina & Shawn
Love Stems From Our Friendship Susan
Love Surrounds Our Friendship Priscilla
Love Unveils A Happy Heart Darrel
Love Ya Sara
Love, signed by Priscilla Hillman ?
Loyal Soldiers, We Stand Tall Adam
Loyalty And Friendship Go Hand In Hand Jana
Luck Found Me A Friend In You Sean
Luck Found Me A Friend In You Kathleen
Lucky Friend Maureen
Making Holiday Wishes Come True Herr Drosselmeyer
May Wisdom Follow You Wherever You Go Scott
May Your Christmas Be Trimned In Happiness Evan
Me Cavebear, You Friend Hunter
Memories To Wear And Share Sarah
Mom, It's Your Day To Relax Mother's Day Figurine 2004
Monday's Child Is Fair Of Face, Hamilton Monica
Music: "Jingel Bells" Beth Musical
My Beary Best Friend Elizabeth & Ashley
My Best Is Always You Lisa
My Country Tis Of Thee Libby
My Favorite Things Mary Jane
My Garden Is A Little Piece Of Heaven Anna Marie
My Gift Is Caring Edward
My Gift Is Loving Richard
My Gift Is Sharing Wilbur
My Heart Wishes For You Darla
My Irish Eyes Smile When You're Near Erin
My Love Cupid Bear
My Prayer Is For You Christine
My Prayer Is For You Christian
NALED Mini Waterball
Near And Deer For Christmas Nils
No Celebration Is Complete Without Your Closest Friends Aggie
No Matter How Blue You Feel, A Hug Can Heal Miranda
No Matter What The Weather, We'll Always Be Together Trent
Nothing Holds A Candle To Our Friendship Angelina
Nothing Makes Life More Special Than Being Surrounded By Friends Brenna
Officer, I've Got A Warrant Out For Your Heart Kent
Old Friends Always Find Their Way Back Chelsea and Daisy
Old Treasures, New Memories Kaitlyn
On A Journey Of Peace Natasha
On The Road Of Life You're Beary Special Rocky
One Small Step For Love, One Giant Leap For Friendship Neil
Our Friendship Is A Perfect Blend Freda & Tina
Our Friendship Is A Perfect Blend Marnie & Rissa
Our Friendship Is A Slam Dunk Jodi
Our Friendship Is An Adventure, Antique Toy Set Bear On Horse
Our Friendship Is Building With Each New Adventure Cameron
Our Friendship Is Fit For A Queen Elizabeth
Our Friendship Is From Sea To Shiny Sea Bob
Our Friendship Is Magical Boy Prince
Our Friendship Is Out Of This World Travers
Our Friendship Knows No Boundaries Franz
Our Friendship Spans Many Miles Lian
Our Friendship Will Never Tumble Jack & Jill
Our Hearts Belong To You Priscilla & Greta
Our Little Angel Dylan / MacKenzie Rose
Our Love Is Ever-Blooming Hope
Our Love Is In The Highlands Lorna
Outer Beauty Is A Reflection Of Inner Beauty Colette
Painting Your Holidays With Love Ginger
Parade Of Gifts Exclusive Frosty & Aurora ornament
Patience Is A Fisherman's Virtue Norm
Peace On Earth Tessa
Peace On Earth And Mercy Mild Angela
Plant A Rainbow And Watch It Grow Joyce
Planting The Seeds Of Friendship June
Pumpkin Patch Pals Breanna
Rain Or Shine, You Can Call Me Anytime Chloe
Reach Out To Someone Around You Cherish
Ready For Fun In The Sun Marilyn and Blair
Ready To Answer Freedom's Call Grant
Ready To Make A Splash Jerry
Remembering The Simple Pleasures Of Childhood Heather & Friends
Reunited For A Day, Together For A Lifetime Rose, Melinda, Jacki. Christopher & …
Riding Across The Great White North Preston
Ring In The Holidays With Me Bonnie & Harold
Ringing In The New Year With Cheer Newton
Rocking Away In My Favorite Reading Chair Lucy
Rollong Along With Friends And Smiles Toy Car
Sail The Seas With Me Taylor
Sail With Me Jonathan
Sailing The High Seas Is Easier With A Friend Like You Olaf
Santa's Sleigh Is On Its Way Nate
Santa Spells Christmas Joy Clarence
School Days Seth
Seal Of Friendship Seal
Sealed With Love Cupid Bear
Sending Best Wishes To You Georgia
Sending You Warm And Friendly Island Breezes Leilani
Sent With Love Jack
Serving Up The Best Just For You, Special Edition Zensi
Seven Is As Sweet As Honey Age 7
Share Life's Little Joys With Your Closest Friend Todd & Friends
Sharing A Frosty Treat, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
Sharing The Season Of Joy Together Michel & Kitty
Showers Of Friendship Alan
Side By Side With Friends Tracie & Nicole
Sisters And Friendship Are Crafted With Love Justine & Janice
Sisters And Hugs Soothe The Soul Haley & Logan
Sixteen Candles And Many More Wishes 16th Birthday
Smile You Have A Friend In Me Dean
Smooth Sailing Arthur
Snow Fun When You're Not Around Ted
Snow One Like You Frank & Helen
Soak Up The Sun And Have Some Fun Dottie
So Glad To Be Part Of Your Special Day Bridesmaid
So Glad You're Here To Keep Me Warm Meredith
Sold in Aid of the NSPCC, NSPCC Registered Charity No. 216401 Amy NSPCC
Some Bunny Loves You Bessie
Sometimes The Road Can Be Bumpy,… Karen & Jeff
Special Friends Heidi & David
Special Treats Make Life Complete Ray
Spending Time With You Is Priceless Patty & Peggy
Spoonfuls Of Sweetness Wayne
Spread Holiday Cheer To Those You Hold Dear Graham
Spread Love Around The World Parker & Carly
Spring Brings A Season Of Beauty Megan
Spring Brings Something New To Love Morgan
Springtime Hapiness Becky
Springtime Is A Blessing From Above Courtney
Springtime Is The Best Time For New Friends Rosalind
Sprinkle A Little Love Wherever You Go Sydney
Start Life One Step At A Time Mum-2003
Step Right Up And Smile Bruno
Strike Up The Band And Give Five Cherished Years A Hand Celebrating Five Years
Striking Up Another Year Jeffrey
Sugar Plum Dreams Clara
Suited Up For The Holidays Rick
Summer Brings A Season Of Warmth Kimberly
Summer Days Are Filled With Friendship Ali
Sunday Morning Ride Lotje
Surrounded By Feathered Friends, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
Sweet Flowers For The Bride Flower Girl
Sweet Treats Oscar
Sweethearts Forever Craig & Cheri
Sweetness Pours From My Heart Sharon
Take A Leap Of Faith Rusty
Take Me Out To The Ball Game Lou
Take Me To Your Heart Christy
Take Time For Others And Others Will Take Time For You Carter & Friends
Teacher, You're An A+ In My Book Abby
Tend To Your Heart And Soul, Love Will Make You Grow Tatum
Tender Care Given Here Annette
Thank You Beary Much Glenn
Thank You For A Friend That's True Patrick
Thank You For The Sky So Blue Patrice
Thanks For Always Being By My Side Fay and Arlene
Thanks For Friends Nicole
Thanks For Helping Me Get My Wings Angela
Thanks For Teaching Me About The Real World Russell & Ross
That's What Friends Are For Cow
The Belle Of The Ball Celene
The Best Is Yet To Come, graduation boy Phil
The Best Is Yet To Come, graduation girl Phyllis
The Bigger The Heart, The More Love It Can Hold Jenny
The Book Of Teddies - 1903-1993 Teddy & Roosevelt
The Company We Keep Is A Reflection Of Ourselves Wesley, Philip, Fiona & Renee
The Finish Line Is Only A Lap Away Andre
The Future 'Beareth' All Things Carrie
The Goal Is Always Friendship Elliot
The Holidays Always bring Hearts Closer Together Stewart
The Holidays Are Twice As Ice Keith & Deborah
The Land Of My Fathers Is Dear To Me Bronwyn
The Luck Of The Irish To You Colleen
The Most Important Truth Is To Be True To Yourself Sullivan
The Only Thing More Contagious Than A Cold Is A Best Friend Bailey and Friend
The Perfect Man Allen
The Season Of Love Cupid Boy
The Season Of Peace Cupid Girl
The Sky's The Limit Air Force
The Snow Suites Me Just Fine Herbert
The Spirit Of Christmas Grows In Our Hearts Segrid, Justaf & Ingmar
The Spirit Of Christmas Is In All Of Us Wolfgang
The Spirit Of Friendship Warms The Heart Charlie
The Time Has Come For Wedding Bliss Groomsman
The Wonders Of Friendship Macie
There's A Patch In My Heart For You Ed
There's Always Been Something Sew Special Between Us Mia and Paulette
There's Always Time For Fun And Sun Michaela
There's Always Time For Good Friends… And A Good Cup Of Tea Mimi, Darcie & Misty
There's No Bunny Like You Faith
There's No One Like Hue Priscilla Ann
There's No Place Like Home Dot
There's No Rose Sweeter Than You Romeo
There's Nobody I'd Rather Go Round With Than You Marcus
There's Room In My Sand Castle For You Sandy
There Is No Limit To How Far You Can You Warren
These Are The Best Kinf Of Days Shirley
Things Do Not Change, We Do Tess & Friend
This Calls For A Celebration Carlton
This Is The Start Of A Bright & Exciting Future Jan & Elise
This Train Is Bound For Holiday Surprises ! Cindy
Those We Love Should Be Cherished Lori
Three Cheers For You Dax
Through The Looking Glass, I See You! Alicia
Through Ups And Downs, You're Still The Best Friend Around Archie
Time Leads Us Back To The Things We Love The Most Irene
Today Is The Day We've Been Dreaming Of Bride & Groom
To Gransmother's House We Go Lois
Togetherness Is One Of The Bear Necessities Benjamin
Togetherness Is The Reason We Have Friends Stanley & Valerie
Together, Wherever We Go Booker And Fletcher
Touches Of Heaven Can Be Found On Earth Stella
Treat Yourself To Life'r Little Pleasures Kim
Trimmings For The Tree, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
True Freindships Are Scares Gary
Trunk Full Of Bear Hugs The Circus Elephant
Try, Try And Try Again Clement & Jodie
Tulips Blossom With Friendship Katrien
Tune: Au Claire De Lune I'm A Little Darling
Tune: Brahms' Lullabye Cradled With Love
Tune: Let It Snow Candace (waterglobe)
Tune: Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear Beth & Blossom
Tune: Love Makes The World Go Around Friendship Is Love That Lasts
Tune: Love Will Keep Us Together Smooth Sailing
Tune: My Favorite Things Christopher
Tune: O Little Town Of Bethlehem Mary, Baby, Joseph
Tune: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Beertje met treintje 
Tune: Silent Night Nativity Rotating Musical
Tune: The First Noel First Noel
Tune: Wind Beneath my Wings Katie
Tune: You Make Me Smile: Put On A Happy Face Clown op bal
Twenty One-derful Years 21st Birtday
Twice As Nice With You, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
Two Friends Mean Twice The Love Allison & Alexandria
Two Sweet To Bear Dylan
Underneath It All We're Forever Friends Jim & Joey
Unfolding Happy Wishes Four You Dimitri
Up On The Rooftop Kris
Walking In A Winter Wonderland Lindsey & Lyndon
Warm Hearted Friends Earl
Wear Your Country's Colors With Pride Joel
Welcome All The Sounds Of The Season Gerard
We Are Set For A Great Relationship Kacie
We Bear Thanks Thanksgiving Table
We Bear Thanks Thanksgiving Quilt
We Can Weather Any Storm Together Joey and Lindsey
We Make A Perfect Team Sally & Skip
We Make A Winning Team Whitney
We Make Magic, Me And You Gretel
We Proceed On To Friendship Lewis & Clark
We Share A Bond That Will Last Forever Becca
We Share Forever Whatever The Weather Justin
We Wish You A Merry Christmas Beverly & Lila
We'll Share Secrets 'Till The Wee Hours Norma
We're All Cheering For You in 2000 Matilda
We're All Cheering For You in 2000 Sidney
We're Beary Good Pals Seth & Sarabeth
We're Friends Rain Or Shine Carter & Elsie
We're Going Places Harrison
We're In This Together Travis & Tucker
We're Inseparable Penny, Chandler & Boots
We're Kindred Spirits Chantal and Fawn
We're Three Of A Kind Danielle, Sabrina & Tiffany
We've Cooked Up A Great Friendship Otto
We've Got A Lot To Be Thankful For Cole
We've Pieced Together A Perfect Love Girl Valentine
We've Turned Over A New Leaf On Our Friendship Sedley
What A Story We Share! Roxie & Shelly
Whatever The Distance, A Friend Stays With You Marine
When I Grow Up I Want To Be Just Like You Andrew
When I Need A Hug I Run To Dad Father's Day
When It Comes To Friendship, You've Really Earned Your Stripes Jason
When One Lacks Vision, Another Must Provide Supervision Caleb and Friends
When We're Together, It's Always An Adventure Jessica and Jason
When You Find A Sunbeam, Share The Warmth Skylar & Shana
When Your Hands Are Full, There's Still Room In Your Heart Tanna
Whenever Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade Albert & Susann
Where Friends Gather Magic Blossoms Gina
Wherefore Art Thou Romeo ? Juliet
Wherever Life Takes You, I Won't Be Far Behind Vernon & Eva
Wherever You Go, I'll Follow Tom Tom
Will You Be Mine Oliver & Olivia
Winter Brings A Season Of Joy Gretchen
Winter Brings A Season Of Joy Gretchen
Winter Wonder, Faithful Friends Selam & Ariana
Wishing For A Future As Bright As The Stars Milton
Wishing For Love Jacob
Wishing You A Cozy Christmas Cheryl & Carl
Wishing You All Good Things Carolyn
Wishing You Love Straight From The Heart Rita
Wishing You Waves Of Discovery In The Future George
With You My Spirit Soars Chad
Won't You Be My Sweetheart ? Jilly
Yesterday's Memories Are Today's Treasures Zachary
You Always Bring Me Smiles Elissa
You Always Pull Me In The Right Direction Bruce
You Always Save The Day In A Special Way Stefan
You Are A Sweetie Candy
You Are My Shining Star Jemma
You Are The Light In My Life Alfhild
You Are The Star Of The Show Bette
You Bring Out The Devil In Me Trevor
You Can Always Call My Heart Home Celia
You Can Always Trust Me To Be There Paul
You Can Never Disguise A Kind And Loving Heart Yolanda
You Color My Rainbow Ellen
You Don't Hve To Search Far To Find Your Rainbow Dawn
You Fill My Life With Simple Pleasures Buffy
You Give My Heart Wings To Soar Vick
You Grow More Dear With Each Passing Year Our Anniversary
You Have A Special Place In My Heart Andy
You Have A Very Special Way Of Lifting Spirits Dad, Drake & Dusty
You Have Such Wonderful Grace Theresa
You Have Taught Me What It Means To Be A Friend, Hamilton School Figurine
You Have The Biggest Heart Of All, Antique Toy Set Elephant
You Have Touched My Heart Jasmine
You Hold Everything In Place Woody
You Know The Way Straight To My Heart Liam
You Know How To Keep My Heart Warm Hilda
You Lift My Spirit Stacie
You Make Every Place Merrier Northrop
You Make Everyday A Fiesta Fernando
You Make Everything Beautiful Inside Harriet
YOU Make Happiness Bloom Veronica
You Make Life Even More Special Alexandra
You Make Me Feel Beautiful Inside Ava
You Make Me Smile From Ear To Ear Natalie
You Make Me Smile Amelia
You Make My Heart Race Ken
You Make My Heart Go All A Flutter McKenna
You Make Wishes Come True Kittie
You Pull At My Heartstrings Cecilia
You Put The Spice In My Life Dennis
You 'Putt' Me In A Great Mood Arnold
You Set My Heart In Motion Roger
You Steal My Heart Away Robin
You Take Center Ring With Me Claudia
You Warm My Heart, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
You Warm My Soul Alyssa
You Wear Your Kindness As A Crown Old King Cole
You Will Be Haunted By Three Spirits Jacob Bearly
Your Friendship Eases All My Cares Away Ida
Your Friendship Is Music To My Ears Duncan
Your Friendship Is Worth More To Me Than Gold Murphy
Your Friendship Lifts My Spirit Lark
Your Friendship Makes My Heart Sing Nancy
Your Friendship Means The World To Me Abraham
Your Heart Grows The Sweetest Friendship Everett
Your Love Has Invaded This Royal Heart King Henry
Your Love Has Marched Straight Into My Heart Winthrop
Your Love Makes Me Warm And Cozy Riley & Jaclyn
Your Smile Can Melt My Heart Irmgard
Your Wishes Will Come True If You Just Believe Ricky
You're A Bear's Best Friend Lee
You're A First Class Friend Martin
You're A Good Friend That Sticks Like Honey Honey
You're A Honey Of A Friend Kara
You're A Jolly Ol' Chap! William
You're A Perfect Catch Fran & Hank
You're A Sweet Treat Connie
You're A Tulip To Treasure Anita
You're Always Right There When I Need You Zoe
You're As Cosy As A Pair Of Mittens Anne
You're As Sweet As Can Be Talia
You're At The Top Of My List Nickolas
You're Berry Special To Me Jenna
You're Due For A Hug Dad 2004
You're My Bathing Beauty  
You're My Berry Best Friend Tara
You're My Hero Clark
You're My Little Pumpkin Daniel
You're My Mane Attraction The Circus Lion
You're My One and Only Kelly
You're My Partner Sierra
You're My Perfect Prince Winnie
You're My Shelter From The Storm Vanessa
You're My Shooting Star Larry
You're Never Alone With Good Friends Around Randy
You're Quit The Charmer Al
You're Snow Special Yvonne
You're Some Bunny Special Peter
You're Sweet As A Rose, AVON Janet
You're The Beary Best Babysitter Delia
You're The Bees Knees Lydia
You're The Best Catch Cliff
You're The Best In The Business, AVON Katherine
You're The Best On The Beach Merv
You're The Best Pick Of The Bunch Dahlia
You're The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Fred
You're The Cat's Meow Tabitha
You're The Colorfull Stuff That Friends Are Made Of Deanna
You're The Finest Friend In The Forest Danny
You're The Frosting On The Birthday Cake Frosting on the Cake
You're The Hardest Working Man I Know Dad-2003
You're The Hero Of My Heart Marian
You're The Iris Of My Eye Iris
You're The Jewel Of My Heart Rajul
You're The Key To My Heart, Abbey Press Exclusive Josette
You're The King Of My Heart Harry
You're The Queen Of My Heart Katherine
You're The Sweetest Beatrice
You're The Tops With Me Wally
You're The Wind That Lifts My Sails Dawson
You've Always Been A Deer Friend Chuck
You've Caught My Heart Nanook
You've Caught My Heart Farrah & Annabel
You've Caught My Heart, 1999 Bradford Editions Swing Ornament
You've Decorated My World With Love Laurel
You've Dressed Up Our Friendship Beautifully Sherry & Jeanne
You've Got My Heart On A String Pinocchio
You've Hiked Your Way Into My Heart Payton
You've Made A Lasting Impression On My Heart Irma
You've Never Looked More Beautiful Than You Do Today Destiny & Kay
You've Sailed Straight Into My Heart Donna
You've Skated Into My Heart Boy with skates