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Trade Corner

Hi everybody !!

This is a special corner for those amongst you who rather trade.

Myself, I'm one of those. That's why I've added this page to my website.

What's the purpose ? Well, to bring together people that want to trade

Cherished TeddiesÓ .

How ? You can email me your want list and have list and I will add them to the Trade Corner. Please add your email address so people can contact you directly.

Please don't hesitate to give me your list, your favorite bear could be waiting for you just around the corner. And if you've found that special piece, just email me and I will adjust your list.

Last updated 01/02/05

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Email Jackie

Have List

Want List

Kent Rare


Anthony Rare


Email Nancy B.

Have List

Want List

Bernard & Bernice

Stove Ornament, Ltd. Edition 1998

Chelsea and Daisy



Mick & Savannah (Disney piece)

 Drummer Boy dated 1994 ornament


Eleanor P. Beary (no box)

Halloween Pumpkin Nightlight

Frances (Hamilton, Friday)


Jeffrey dated 1996




Lela Nightengale

Little Clown (no box)

Lloyd, red suitcase




Mary Jane (FBP3 - 1998)




Monica (Hamilton Monday)




R. Harrison Hartford, yellow


R. Harrison Hartford, red












Last Updated on 01/02/05

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