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If anyone has more pictures of waterballs and want to share them, please email them to me and I will add them tp this page. Thank you.


One small waterball for each month.

Each has his own rhyme.

w-January.jpg (10189 bytes) January is a snowy time of year, spirits are high and filled with good cheer

w-February.jpg (11218 bytes) February comes with simple ease, bringing a chilly winter breeze

w-March.jpg (11091 bytes) March has arrived, warm weather begins, leaves will turn green and birds will sing

w-April.jpg (11894 bytes) April - rainbows of joy, april brings, along with the very first signs of spring

w-May.jpg (10972 bytes) May- bright colors and flowers of all kinds free your spirit and your mind

w-June.jpg (11099 bytes) June- build a birdhouse when june is here, for all the pretty birds singing sweetly in your ear

w-July.jpg (12211 bytes) July- the summertime in sweet july, is enough to make the heavens sign

w-August.jpg (10788 bytes) August - in august when the sun is hot, find a perfect sandy spot

w-September.jpg (11701 bytes) September- time for school, September's come, keep that chin up, don't be glum

w-October.jpg (13520 bytes) October means colors so bright, piles of leaves to amuse and excite

w-November.jpg (12442 bytes) November brings us colors bright, to fill our mind with sheer delite

w-December.jpg (10949 bytes) December can be cold as ice, but snowy days sure are nice

R&Rwaterball.jpg (16949 bytes)

I received this picture through email. If you recognize your picture, please contact me and I will put your reference underneath.


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