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Winter Bear Festival

Bundle up to join the Winter Bear Festival - a celebration of the season's outdoor adventures, friendship and fun! Go skating, sledding, skiing and walking in a winter wonderland with these teddie bears that will warm your heart. The excitement is sure to snowball!

They are very beautiful. But aren't they all ?


KeithDeborah.JPG (10625 bytes)

carol.jpg (20675 bytes)

Keith & Deborah

"The Holidays Are Twice As Ice"


"Angels Snow How To Fly"

Retired as of July 1st, 2000 in The Netherlans and as of September 9, 2000 in the U.S.A.

Brandon.jpg (16076 bytes) shannon.jpg (16644 bytes)


"Friendship Is My Goal"

Retired December 2000 in Holland


"A Figure 8, Our Friendship Is Great!

Retired December 2000 in Holland

candace.jpg (48761 bytes) adam.jpg (51483 bytes)


"Skating On Holiday Joy"

Retired 09/09/2000


"It's A Holiday On Ice" 

Retired 09/09/2000

Spencer.jpg (5818 bytes) Ted.jpg (5244 bytes)


"I'm Head Over Skis For You"

Retired 09/09/2000


"Snow Fun When You're Not Around"

Retired 09/09/2000

Mitch.jpg (5642 bytes) James.jpg (5884 bytes)

Mitch, a very beautiful creation.

"Friendship Never Melts Away"

Retired 09/09/2000

James, pulling a sled.

"Going My Way For The Holidays"

Prototype is shown here.

His jacket will be green when bought.

Retired 09/09/2000

LindseyLyndon.jpg (6031 bytes)

Lindsey & Lyndon

"Walking In A Winter Wonderland"

Available with white ribbon on Lindsey's hat (= 1996 Catalog Exclusive)

Retired 09/09/2000


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