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Our Cherished Family

They are so nice, you can give each one of them a name from your own family.

New Addition in 2004:

Grandma & Grandpa: "Grandma's Share Lots Of Love"

GuardMeFromAbove.jpg (28392 bytes)

"Guard Me From Above"

New additions in 2003:

Family-AFatherGuidesWithLove.jpg (5596 bytes)

"A Father Guides With Love"

Family-AMotherGivesFromHerHeart.jpg (5396 bytes)

"A Mother Gives From Her Heart"

"A Big Sister Is Always There To Help"

"A Big Brother To Look Up To"

Family-ALittleBoyIsAGiftToCherish.jpg (4109 bytes)

"A Little Boy Is A Gift To Cherish"

Family-ALittleGirlIsAGiftToCherish.jpg (4313 bytes)

"A Little Girl Is A Gift To Cherish"

Family-Couch.jpg (8528 bytes) family-group.jpg (22641 bytes)



This complete series has been retired as of June 6, 2002




"Is God's Special Gift"

"Is God's Special Gift"


Older daughter: "Child Of Love"

Young Son: "Child Of Hope"

Father: "A Father Is The Bearer Of Strenght"

Older Son: " Child Of Pride"

Mother: "A Mother's Love Bears All Things"

Young Daughter: "Child Of Kindness"


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