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Thanks to...


I want to thank a few people who really stood by me and gave me a lot of help with creating these pages.


Donald de Ronde, my husband, without him and his computer I wouldn't have done it.

Wendy K., a dear friend and very supportive, in every way.

Carol W., for the daily chats and advises.

Karen D., just for being there and all her lovely long emails.

Vivienne Wiltberger, from The Teddies Trader, for her info and the use of graphics.

Cheryl B., for being a fun and happy friend.

Terry, from Dreams and Rainbows, supplier of CT's with the best service you can imagine. I especially want to thank her for the use of her graphics and her help on building my webpages.

Liz Ross, from Victoria's Mall, for the best CT prices out there.

Alex Allon, from Panache, for the chats, the Bazza's and the trades.

Pat Schleiffer, from Precious Plates & Things, for the chats and the trades.

Priscilla Hillman, for creating these beautiful Cherished TeddiesÓ .

Enesco, for putting those little critters on the market so everyone can love them.

Bravenet, for the use of free MB for my webpage.

And don't forget, Microsoft Word, for creating a great webbuilding software-package.

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