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Through The Years - Babies


"Arriving With Love And Care"

Baby Bear

Age 1 Bear

"Cradled With Love"

"Beary Special One"

Age 2 Bear

Age 3 Bear

"Two Sweet To Bear"

"Three Cheers For You"

Age 4 Bear

Age 5 Bear

"Unfolding Happy Wishes Four You"

"Color Me Five"

Age 6 Bear

Age 7 Bear

"Seven Is As Sweet As Honey"

"Chalking Up Six Wishes"

Age 8 Bear

"Being Eight Is Really Great"



Age 9 Bear

Age 10 Bear

"Being Nine Is Really Fine"

"Count To Ten... And Celebrate!"


"Everyone Needs A Cuddle"



"A Little Friendship To Share"

"The First Step To Love"


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